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Chris Moses

Chris Moses

Research Associate

Office Phone: 01223 763015


Chris Moses is a Research Associate at the Faculty of Divinity, 2015-2018.

Chris read Theology & Religious Studies at the University of Cambridge, before taking an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford, and later returning to Cambridge for a doctorate in the Anthropology of Islam. His wider professional experience includes media, education, research, and diplomacy.

His doctoral research comprised an ethnography of an Islamic institution in west London. It focused on its palimpsestic presence as an object of public knowledge produced by a series of internally heterogeneous audiences (leadership, users, partners, researchers, media, state), as well as how actors and structures created and projected multiple layers of meaning onto the institution's essence in general (mosque, community centre, ethnic institution, civil society project, object of architectural significance, site of extremist subversion, Islamic public sphere actor, etc.), and particular categories of place, space, and time (nomenclature, location, calendars, foundational narratives, urban renewal).

Chris's current work focuses on the Anthropology of Religion, and includes: methodology and reflexivity; gender; charity, ethics, and economics; religion, forced migration, and cities; institutions and the public sphere; ethnography and urban studies; and, anthropology and theology.

He is also part of the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme team, focusing on inter-religious civil society engagement and public education.

Subject area and speciality

Religious Studies specialists:

Social Anthropology of Islam

Islamic studies specialists:

British Muslims and Civil Society: A London Ethnography


Emmanuel College:
Research Associate

Research Interests

  • Social Anthropology of Religion
  • Islam and Muslims in Europe
  • Religion, Culture and Society in the Middle East
  • Religion and the Public Sphere


  • A6, Understanding Contemporary Religion (Lectures, Classes, Supervisions)
    First year undergraduate paper introducing students to the ways in which social scientists analyse and account for religion as a social force in the contemporary world.
  • MPhil, Anthropology of Islam in Contemporary Europe (Seminars, Supervisions)
    Non-specialist MPhil paper within the Study of World Religions MPhil Pathway, looking at matters such as Methodology, Constructing Identity, Structuring Community, Culture and Society, and Political Engagement.

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