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Greg Lanier



Career background:


  • Wife (Kate), 3 daughters (Caroline, Amelia, Sydney)

Subject area and speciality

New Testament specialists:

The Use of OT Metaphor in Shaping the Christology of the Gospel of Luke

Research Interests

My dissertation-related research focuses on Christology in the Gospel of Luke, specifically through his application of four Old Testament metaphors to Jesus: the "horn," anatole, "mother bird," and "stone." The two questions driving the research are as follows. (a) How should these texts in Luke’s gospel be interpreted individually and collectively, both within Luke and against a broader conceptual background? (b) On this basis, how do these texts provide further insight into Luke’s Christology as a whole? To answer these questions, this study aims to evaluate these Lukan metaphors as metaphors, not just intertextual citations or allusions: that is, using cross-disciplinary insights regarding how metaphors are structured, how they communicate a surplus of meaning beyond the mere words used, and how they contribute to and enhance the way an interpretive community actually “thinks” about a given subject. 

Other research interests include:

  • Synoptic Gospels

  • Christology

  • Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament

  • Septuagint

  • Textual criticism and palaeography

  • Hebrews and the General Epistles

  • Metaphor theory


  • Assistant Professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary—Orlando (beginning January 2016)
  • Approved undergraduate supervisor for New Testament papers A1b (Elementary New Testament Greek), A3 (Jesus and the Origins of the Gospels), and B1b (Intermediate New Testament Greek).
  • Guest lecturer in Homiletics at Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte), 2013

Other Professional Activities

Conference and Seminar Presentations:

  • “The OT Used in the NT: From Excerpta to Testimonia to Midrash and Back Again.” New Testament Graduate Seminar, University of Cambridge. 3 March 2015. (link)

  • “One Christology to Rule them All? Paths Forward in NT Christology.” New Testament Graduate Seminar, University of Cambridge. 2 December 2014. (link)

  • “Against the Gods: Re-Reading Luke 1:78–79 and 2:30–35 as Implicit Polemic Against Sun Worship.” Gospel of Luke Section at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. San Diego, CA. 26 November 2014.

  • “Metaphor in the New Testament: Catching Up to the Conversation on Contemporary Metaphor Theory.” Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. San Diego, CA. 22 November 2014. (link)

  • “Early Christian Hymns— A Look at Manuscript Reception: A Response.” Oxbridge Biblical Studies Conference, University of Oxford. 31 May 2014.

  • “Yahweh Comes in the Side Door: The Temple Theology of Luke,” New Testament Graduate Seminar, University of Cambridge, March 2014. (link)

  • “New and Old Perspectives: Evaluating Justification in Light of the Historia Salutis,” Southern Evangelical Seminary 2013 Academic Conference, February 2013. (link)

Other Academic Activities:

Professional Associations:

  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Evangelical Theological Society


Key Publications

  • “‘From God’ or ‘From Heaven’: ἐξ ὕψους in Luke 1,78.” Biblica (forthcoming).

  • “The Curious Case of צמח and ανατολη: An Inquiry into Septuagint Translation Patterns.” Journal of Biblical Literature 134/3 (2015): 505–527. (link)

  • “Mapping the Vineyard: Main Lines of Investigation Regarding the Parable of the Tenants in the Synoptics and Thomas.” Currents of Biblical Research (forthcoming 2015).

  • “Davidic Covenant” in Lexham Bible Dictionary (eds. J.D. Barry and L. Wentz, et al.; Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 2015): 9,300 words. (link)

  • “Luke’s Distinctive Use of the Temple: Portraying the Divine Visitation.” Journal of Theological Studies 65/2 (2014): 433–462. (link)

  • “Glory (כבוד / δόξα)” in Lexham Theological Wordbook (ed. by J.D. Barry; Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 2014): 4,200 words.

  • “The Rejected Stone in the Parable of the Wicked Tenants: Defending the Authenticity of Jesus' Quotation of Psalm 118:22,” The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 56/4 (2013): 733–51. (link)

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