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Yasser Qureshy

PhD Candidate, Philosophical Theology

Classical Ash'ari Kalam

History and Development of Ash'ari Kalam

Subject area and speciality

Religious Studies specialists:

The Ontology of the Beatific Vision in the Classical Ash'arī School 

Islamic studies specialists:

Ash'arī Kalām in the Classical Period 


Course Convenor - Western Intellectual History (Cambridge Muslim College)

Lecturer - Logic and Critical Thinking (Cambridge Muslim College)


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Changes to fines

Oct 01, 2016

From 3 October 2016, fines for overdue books will change. Items which are overdue and requested by another reader will acrue £1 per item per day (before 20p). Items which are overdue, but not requested by someone else, will acrue fines at 10p per item per day (before 20p).

Renew vacation loans from DivLib now!

Sep 30, 2016

We have renabled vacation loans for books taken out of DivLib now. If you renew your vacation loans (due on Thu 6 October 20016) today, they will now be due in 7-days time - as normal.

Festival of Ideas

Sep 29, 2016

Booking now open.

Faculty of Divinity Moodle

Sep 26, 2016

Moodle has now replaced CamTools in the Faculty of Divinity.

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