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Tsimtsum and Modernity: Lurianic Heritage in Modern Philosophy & Theology

Tsimtsum and Modernity:

Lurianic Heritage in Modern Philosophy & Theology



31 May – 1 June, 2016

 University of Cambridge




(For full conference description, please click here.)


Day 1 (31st of May)


9.00 Welcome


 9.15  Opening Lecture

 Christoph Schulte (Universität Potsdam), Tsimtsum: Media and Arts



10.00 Panel 1 Tsimtsum and the Jewish Tradition

 Daniel H. Weiss (University of Cambridge), Tsimtsum Between the Bible and Philosophy

 Reuven Leigh (University of Cambridge) Hasidic Thought and Tsimtsum’s Linguistic Turn


11.30-12.00  Coffee break 


12.00 Panel 2 Timtsum and Modern Philosophy

 Paul Franks (Yale University), Contraction and Withdrawal: The Midrashic Roots of Philosophical Conceptions of Tsimtsum

Kenneth Seeskin (Northwestern University), Tsimtsum and the Root of Finitude


13.30 Lunch break


14.30 Panel 4 Tsimtsum after Schelling

 Alex Ozar (Yale Univeristy), Unfolding the Enfolded: Schelling and Lurianic Kabbalah

Elliot Wolfson (University of California, Santa Barbara), Tsimtsum in Heidegger


 16.00-16.30 Coffee break 


 16.30 Panel 5 Tsimtsum in Weimar

  Martin Kavka (Florida State University), A Political Theology of Tzimtzum

 Benjamin Pollock (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), 'The Kabbalistic Problem is not Specifically Theological': Franz Rosenzweig on Tsimtsum




Day 2 (1st of June)


10.00 Panel 6 Tsimtsum after Scholem

 Eli Friedlander (Tel Aviv University), Walter Benjamin on the Work of Art and the Created

 Adam Lipszyc (IFIS PAN, Warsaw), Taking Space Seriously: Tehiru, Khora and the Freudian Void


11.30-12.00  Coffee break 


12.00 Panel 7 Tsimtsum after the Holocaust

 Christian Wiese (Universität Frankfurt am Main), Tsimtsum in Post-Holocaust Thought

  Asaf Angerman (Yale Univeristy). Tsimtsum as Eclipse in Buber and Horkheimer



13.30 Lunch break


14.30 Panel 8 Tsimtsum in Ethics

 Michael Fagenblat (Open University of Israel), Phenomenology and Tsimtsum: ‘la contraction créatrice de l'Infini’

 Michael Morgan (Indiana University), Traces of Tsimtsum: Fackenheim, Berkovits, and Levinas


 16.00-16.30 Coffee break 


16.30 Panel 9 Tsimtsum and Poststructuralism

 Przemysław Tacik Tsimtsum as the Traumnabel of Modern Jewish Philosophy: Is History Real?

 Agata Bielik-Robson The Smiling Spectre: Tsimtsum in Derrida


18.00 – 18.15 Coffee Break

19.00 Closing remarks




Location: The Wood-Legh Room, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge

Free and Open to the Public

To RSVP, or for any questions, contact:

Dr Daniel Weiss (

Prof Agata Bielik-Robson ()

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