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Aquinas Reading Group

Thomas Aquinas Reading Group | Michaelmas Term 2016

Thomas Aquinas on the Virtues

Wednesdays  |  8pm  |  Pembroke College, room J2


This is an informal graduate and post-graduate group for anyone who wants to read Thomas Aquinas and think through aspects of his thought. This term, we will read parts of Thomas Aquinas’ treatise on the virtues, in the first part of the second part of the Summa Theologiae.


26 October 2016         On the definition of (moral and intellectual) virtue
                                 ST Ia IIae, questions 55 & 58

9 November 2016       Cardinal virtues, theological virtues and their cause
                                 ST Ia IIae, questions 61–63

23 November 2016     On virtues in the eschaton and the gifts of the Spirit
                                 ST Ia IIae, questions 67 & 68

7 December 2016       On the beatitudes and the fruits of the Spirit
                                 ST Ia IIae, questions 69 & 70


The Summa Theologiae is available online in the 1920s translation from the English Dominican Province ( Their more recent translation was published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, and republished by Cambridge University Press. It is still in copyright and not online.


Dr Jacob Sherman (Emmanuel,
Silvianne Aspray (Pembroke,


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