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Christian Theology Seminar overview

Christian Theology Seminar

The graduate seminar in Christian Theology meets fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons at 2.30pm in the Lightfoot Room during term, each time with a guest speaker from Cambridge or beyond.  It’s a lively and friendly forum for graduate students and senior members. A wide range of topics are discussed relating to Christian theology, often with a philosophical, historical, or exegetical dimension, as well as themes of from ethics and Christian practice.  

The seminars are open to all graduates and senior members, and others on request to Dr Andrew Davison (, the seminar convenor.


Michaelmas Term 2016

The seminar meets on Wednesdays at 2.30 pm in the Lightfoot Room.

  • 12 October - ‘Early Franciscan Thought on the Hypostatic Union: A Key Intervention in Medieval Debates about the Metaphysics of the Incarnation,’ Dr Lydia Schumacher (The University of Edinburgh)
  •  26 October 'A Parsimonious Model of Divine Simplicity', Dr Oliver Crisp (Fuller Theological Seminary)
  • 9 November ‘Theological Anthropology and Paleontology in Dialogue on Anthropocentrism’, Dr Alexander Maßmann (Universität Heidelberg)
  • 23 November‘The Theological Virtue of Hope and the Earthly City: In What Sense Might Christians be “of” the World?’ Dr David Elliott  (Cambridge University)


Lent Term 2017

The details below are subject to change. 

  • 25 January - 'Speech in the Divine Life: A Christian Consideration with reference to Islamic Theology', Joshua Ralston
  • 8 February - 'One single thing that you can call holy': The Stations of the Cross and Theological Imagination in Modern London’,  Ayla Lepine
  • 22 February - Title TBC, David Neaum
  • 8 March - ‘Scale’, Nick Adams


Easter Term 2017

The details below are subject to change.

  •  3 May - Title TBC, Jennifer Cooper
  • 17 May - Title TBC, Anna Rowlands
  • 31 May - ‘Son as Sign: semiotic aspects in Aquinas' trinitarian theology,’ Nathan Lyons