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Religious Studies Seminar overview

Religious Studies Seminar

This fortnightly seminar subdivides into termly seminars for specialists in Islam, Judaism, and the religious traditions of India. Speakers may have premodern or contemporary interests, and may present papers on the basis of a very wide range of intellectual interests and disciplinary traditions. The Seminar Chair is Dr Tim Winter.


Lent Term 2016

This seminar meets on Tuesdays at 2.30 pm in Room 2, Faculty of Divinity.

  • 25th January: ‘Hinduism and the Gothic: A case study of Kali and Thuggee in the Gothic imagination’ ~ Dr Catherine Robinson
  • 7th February: ‘Universal Religion in an Imperial World: The International Life of Keshab Chandra Sen, 1870-1884’ ~ Dr John Stevens
  • 21th February: ‘Sonic magic: sound, text, and power in Islamicate India’ ~ Dr Katherine Schofield
  • CANCELLED: 9th March: ‘Popular psychology and mind-body medicine: new interpretations of health and diseases in transnational, Anglophone Ayurveda’ ~ Dr Maya Warrier