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World Christianities Seminar overview

World Christianities Seminar

This seminar responds to a recent upsurge of scholarly interest in the study of Christianity as a global phenomenon. It marks the emergence of World Christianities as a dedicated stream of research and study at undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral level in the Faculty of Divinity. Meetings will feature a wide range of interdisciplinary scholars, both from within Cambridge and further afield, focusing on cutting-edge topics and debates in the area of World Christianities, including Christianity and diaspora, transnational religiosity, the history of missionary organisations and issues of language, translation and religious print cultures.

Speakers are invited to share their current research or to engage with a theme selected by the three conveners for its contemporary or historical significance, as well as its potential for stimulating vigorous debate.

The seminar is a collaboration between the Divinity Faculty and the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide. It is co-convened by:

  • Dr Joel Cabrita (University Lecturer in World Christianities, Faculty of Divinity, on study leave)
  • Dr Emma Wild-Wood (University Lecturer in World Christianities, Faculty of Divinity)
  • Revd Jesse Zink (Director of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide)


 Michaelmas 2016 Programme:

The seminar is held on Wednesdays at 4.30 pm in the Lightfoot Room, Faculty of Divinity.

  • October 19‘Subaltern Public Theology for India’, Rev. Raj Bharath Patta, (University of Manchester)

  • November 2‘Gender and the Family in Colonial Missions,’ Dr. Emily Manktlow, (University of Kent)

  • November 16‘Giving Life to the Faith: Pentecostal Practice and Community in Authoritarian Chile,Joseph Florez, (University of Cambridge)

  • November 30‘Gender and Sustainable Development in Africa,’ Rev. Dr. Lydia Mwaniki, (All Africa Council of Churches)