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‘Paul and Philosophy’

Professor Olivier Boulnois

Directeur d'études at l'École pratique des hautes études, and a Professor at l'Institut catholique de Paris

3, 5, 10, 12, 17 & 19 May at 5pm


The lectures are now finished and  can be viewed here:










  • 2019-20 Professor John E. Hare 'The Good Life and the Holy Spirit'
  • 2018 -19: Professor Eleonore Stump, on 'Atonement' - Full Programme
  • 2017-18: Professor Joel Robbins, on Theology and the Anthropology of Christian Life - Full Programme - Audio Recordings
  • 2016-17: Professor Simon Oliver, on Creation’s Ends: Teleology, Ethics and the Natural
  • 2014-15: Professor Peter Ochs, on Scripture and Reason: The Philosophy of Biblical Language and Interpretation
  • 2013-14: Professor Stephen Mulhall, on The Great Riddle: Wittgenstein and Nonsense, Theology and Philosophy
  • 2012-13: Professor Paul Griffiths, on The End: An Eschatological Assay
  • 2011-12: Professor Roger Scruton, on Thought Towards God
  • 2010-11: Professor John Milbank, on Philosophy: A Theological Critique
  • 2009-10: Professor Jeffrie Murphy, on Remorse, Apology and Forgiveness
  • 2008-09: Dr Tamra Wright, on Love Stories: Self, Other, Text & God in 20th Century Jewish Thought
  • 2007-08: Professor Robin Le Poidevin, on And Was Made Man: Incarnation and Metaphysics
  • 2006-07: Professor John Beer, on The Crisis of the Word in English Romantic Literature
  • 2005-06: Professor Gordon Graham, on Art in an irreligious world
  • 2004-05: Professor Alvin Plantinga, on Evolution and Christian Belief
  • 2003-04: Professor John Cottingham, on The Concept of the spiritual: religion, morality and science



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