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The Miqra Society

The Miqra Society (formerly the HB/OT Graduate Seminar) is a dedicated forum for graduate students whose research falls within the field of HB/OT studies to share their research with each other, the senior HB/OT scholarly community, as well as the wider Faculty. The word מקרא (miqra) may refer to either the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) or an assembly, and on both counts it captures well the spirit of the Society.

The group meets several times each term on weeks alternate to the Senior OT/HB Seminar to discuss papers presented primarily by graduate students, but also by invited senior faculty. Our seminars are often used as a forum for discussing one's ongoing doctoral or magisterial research, as an opportunity to present a paper before a conference, and indeed as a testing ground for new ideas. It is a great opportunity to interact with each other's research, explore new ideas, and build relationships.

The Society exists primarily for the benefit of graduate students whose research focuses on the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hellenistic Jewish literature, and related areas; however, all colleagues, from within and outside the Faculty, are always warmly welcome. For further information, please contact Belinda Tan (bcst2).



Current students and supervisors can access the Faculty’s Moodle page by clicking on the image below.