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Davenant Reading Group

The Davenant reading group provides students with the opportunity to converse with Latin theological texts from the early modern period.

A basic grasp of Latin is necessary, but the group is not intended for Latinists. Beginners are very welcome.

During Michaelmas term 2016, the group will be discussing the Cambridge Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity (1609-23) John Davenant's Determinationes Quaestionum Quarundam Theologicarum. Outlines will be provided. The first half of the gathering will be spent in translation; the second half, in discussion. Tea, coffee and light snacks may be expected.

The group convener has arranged for softback editions of Davenant's Determinationes. These are available for £8.10, which is the precise cost (+shipping) from Otherwise, the text is available at

All meetings fall on Mondays, from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.

Set dates:

> Concupiscentia in renatis est peccatum (17 Oct. 2016) ROOM 7

> Decretum non tollit libertatem (7 Nov. 2016) ROOM 5

> In essentia divina nec aliud nec accidens (5 Dec. 2016) ROOM 7

> Praescientia divina non erat causa lapsus humani (23 Jan. 2017) ROOM 2

> Fides justificans est fiducia in Christum Mediatorem (6 Feb. 2017) ROOM 2

Further discussions to be posted pending interest.

To be added to the mailing list, or to inquire about the group, please contact the organizer:

Samuel Fornecker []