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Patristic Seminar overview

Patristic Seminar

The Senior Patristic Seminar meets usually fortnightly on Mondays in the Lightfoot Room at 4.30pm; occasionally it holds one-day events. It is chaired by Dr Thomas Graumann.  

The seminar hosts papers from both invited visitors and Cambridge scholars on topics in the area of Patristic Studies broadly defined, including all aspects of the social, cultural and intellectual history of Christianity in antiquity: expressions of its life and practice as well as the exegetical, theological and philosophical discussions and literary production of the time.

It is the main gathering for graduate students, scholars and visiting scholars in the University interested in the field of ancient Christianity. Visitors are welcome to attend, but should contact the chairman in advance to introduce themselves. Suggestions too are invited of possible speakers or topics.

Graduates, senior members, and visitors wishing to present a paper or lead a discussion are encouraged to approach the chairman.

The Seminar shares a common interest with the Cambridge Late Antiquity Network Seminars (CLANS), which engage with the late antique and early medieval periods from a range of disciplines and interdisciplinary perspectives (including Classics, History, Theology and Religious Studies).

Lent 2015 Programme:

The seminar meets on Mondays at 4.30 pm in the Lightfoot room.

Details to follow.