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Religious Studies Seminar overview

Religious Studies Seminar

This fortnightly seminar subdivides into termly seminars for specialists in Islam, Judaism, and the religious traditions of India. Speakers may have premodern or contemporary interests, and may present papers on the basis of a very wide range of intellectual interests and disciplinary traditions. The Seminar Chair is Dr Tim Winter.


Michaelmas Term 2017 Programme

Meetings will be held on Tuesdays at 2:30pm in the Lightfoot Room, Faculty of Divinity.

17 October: Israel Selvanayagam, presbyter, Church of South India - ‘Devotion (bhakti) to Krishna and to Christ: Similarity and Distinctiveness’.

 31 October: Sondra Hausner, Faculty of Theology and Religion, Oxford - ‘The Hierarchy of Ritual Inversion: Asceticism and Gender at the Great Indian Festival, Kumbh Mela’.

 7 November: Bihani Sarkar, Christ Church, Oxford - ‘On heroic Śāktism and the cult of the Goddess in classical India (c. 4th-7th centuries CE)’. 3PM RUNCIE ROOM

 21 November: Victor Tournier, SOAS, London - ‘Stairways to Heaven and the Path to Buddhahood: Reflections on the 5th-6th Centuries’ Evidence from Southern India’.