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Faculty of Divinity

Christian appropriation of Neoplatonism
Comparative studies of Aquinas & Bonaventure
Liturgical/sacramental theology
Theological responses to postmodernity
Literary/poetic theory & theology


BA Theology & Religious Studies (Honors), University of San Francisco (San Francisco, California, USA), 2010.

Commissioned Officer, United States Army, 2010-2017.

MA Theology & MA Philosophy (Honors), Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology at the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, California, USA), 2019.

Communications Manager, Cathedral of Christ the Light, Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland (USA), 2019-2020.


Raoul Eshelman's work on 'performatism' or 'post-postmodernism' has identified aesthetic features in recent narrative forms that signal an uneasiness with the continual ironic regress undercutting the postmodern subject. In place of this ever-destabilizing flux, Eshelman proposes that more recent narratives restore the possibility of transcendence for the subject using a technique called 'double framing,' which suggests that characters in the narrative can advance toward a transcendent resolution through the mediation of fixed signs or events. My work attempts a critical theological appropriation of Eshelman's insights through three comparative lenses: first, ancient approaches to poetry and language (chiefly Platonism and Neoplatonism); second, competing medieval sacramental theologies of Aquinas and Bonaventure; and third, an analysis of the 20th century reform of the offertorial rite in the Roman Catholic Mass. Finally, I will offer two close readings of Thomas Aquinas's sequence for Corpus Christi, Lauda Sion Salvatorem; the first, a chiastic reading, will identify the 'crux' of the poem, while the second, an Eshelmanian double-frame analysis (with the crux as the inner frame) will explore the unfolding of the previous insights in this poetic liturgical text and assess their consequences for the doxological constitution of the human person.

PhD Student in Philosophy of Religion/Christian Theology
 Jose  Belleza
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