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Faculty of Divinity


Selected works:

  1. (Book Review). Daniel Joseph Gordon, The Passion of Love in the 'Summa Theologiae' of Thomas Aquinas (Washington: CUA Press, 2023). Heythrop Journal 65 (2024). In preparation.
  2. “Of Mice, Men, and Manducation: Sacramental Semiotics and Revelation’s Rationes.” Nova et Vetera, English Edition 24 (2024). Approved; publication forthcoming.
  3. “Priestly Renewal, Eucharistic Revival: The Place of the Corpus Christi Liturgy in Aquinas’s Sacramental Theology.” Nova et Vetera, English Edition 24 (2024). Approved; publication forthcoming.
  4. (Book Review). Janet Martin Soskice, Naming God: Addressing the Divine in Philosophy, Theology, & Scripture (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023). Nova et Vetera, English Edition 23 (2023). Approved; publication forthcoming.
  5. “On the Troped Kyrie Eleison: A Thomistic Perspective.” New Blackfriars 105 (2024). Approved; publication forthcoming.
  6. “Football, Mysticism, Thomistic Poetics.” Modern Theology 39 (2023). (currently available only via Open Access online)
  7. “Pleading nolo contendere? Aquinas vs. Bonaventure on Poetry.” New Blackfriars 104 (2023): pp. 352-372.    
  8. “On Sanctitatis Nova Signa: A Provisional Case Against Celano’s Authorship.” New Blackfriars 103 (2022): pp. 745-760. 
  9. “Joseph Ratzinger, Student of Aquinas.” Berkeley Journal of Religion and Theology 5 (2019): pp. 94-120.
  10. “The Petrine Primacy as the Origin of Christology: A Structural and Theological Re-examination of Matthew 16:13-20.” Writing for a Real World 8 (2010): pp. 12-32.
  11. “Karol Wojtyla in the Trajectory of Polish History.” Writing for a Real World 7 (2009): pp. 108-120.

Selected presentations:

  1. “Between Elitism and Egalitarianism: Dionysius and the Mysticism of Liturgy.” XIX International Conference on Patristics Studies. 5-9 August 2024. University of Oxford. (Forthcoming)
  2. “The Place of the Corpus Christi Office in Aquinas’s Sacramental Theology.” The Aquinas Center: Thomas Aquinas and the Eucharist—Pathways to Revival. 1-3 February 2024. Ave Maria University, Florida. (Forthcoming)
  3. “Semantic Satiation and the Sacred: Reassessing Repetitions in the Roman Rite.” Temenos Young Scholars Conference: Attention & Ritual. 3 June 2023. Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge.
  4. “Maradona and Medieval Mysticism: Thomas Aquinas on the Poetics of Football Fandom.” D Society: The Graduate Seminar in Philosophy of Religion. 7 October 2022. Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge.
  5. “Analogy in Thomistic and Bonaventurean Poetry.” LERU Conference: Second Doctoral Seminar in Theology and Religious Studies. 21 August 2022. Lund University, Sweden.
  6. Nec Laudare Sufficis: Aquinas on Analogy, Metaphor, & Poetry.” The Noesis Seminar. 11 March 2022. Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge.
  7. “Spiritual Renewal of the Clergy: A Victorine-Thomist Perspective.” The Aquinas Center: St. Thomas Aquinas as Spiritual Teacher: Theology in a Culture of Grace. 10-11 February 2022. Ave Maria University, Florida.
  8. “Towards a Thomistic Liturgical Hermeneutics.” The Society for Catholic Liturgy: That They May Be One: Liturgical Reconciliation. 25 September 2021. University of Notre Dame, Indiana.
  9. “Reddeamus ad Philosophum: The Aristotelian Background of ‘Development.’” The Sacra Doctrina Project: The Development of Doctrine: Revelation, Magisterium, and Human Reason. 11 June 2021. St Bernard’s School of Theology & Ministry, Rochester, New York.

Research interests:

  1.  Dionysian reception in medieval theology
  2.  Thomistic and Franciscan studies
  3.  Liturgical/sacramental theology
  4.  Theological responses to postmodernity
  5.  Metaphysics and poetics




After graduating from the University of San Francisco with a BA in Theology & Religious Studies in 2010, Joey was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army, with assignments across the United States and overseas, including Korea, Germany, and combat service in Afghanistan. Leaving active duty as a Captain in 2017, he returned to full time studies at the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology, in Berkeley, California, graduating from the Concurrent MA Philosophy/MA Theology program in 2019. He then served the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland as Communications Manager for the Cathedral of Christ the Light before commencing doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge in October 2020. In July 2023 he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation entitled, "In Principio Erat Signum: Dueling Dionysianisms and Sacramental Semiotics in Thomistic and Mystical Franciscan Poetry."

PhD Student in Philosophy of Religion/Christian Theology

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