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Alex Clare-Young

Alex Clare-Young


Transgender theology

Theologies of personhood

Human Identity


Pastoral Theology


LGBT/Queer Theology


Alex Clare-Young is training for ministry in the United Reformed Church. Having completed his Bachelor of Theology for Ministry in 2017, he is currently undertaking an MPhil. His particular area of interest is theology arising out of transgender identities. He has written about transgender identity and theology for magasines and popular journals including Movement, Mosaic and Reform.

In 2017 he gave a paper at the WCC/URC Multiple Religious Belonging Conference. This year he will participate in the URC Reforming Imaginations conference and the Protestant Young Theologians Europe Conference. As well as leading worship around the country, Alex also travels to societies, churches and schools to raise awareness and understandings of transgender identities. 

Subject area and speciality

Christian Theology specialists:

M.Phil. student in Christian Theology

Research Interests

Alex is currently undertaking research on the correlations between Christian personhood and transgender identities. 


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