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I relocated with my wife and three teenage children from our hometown in rural southern Georgia (USA) to pursue postgraduate studies with the Faculty of Divinity at Cambridge. A second-career scholar (or third, but who's counting?), I returned to the academy after a decade in pastoral ministry and almost another decade in entrepreneurship. I hold a BA in Christian Ministries from Emmanuel College (Franklin Springs GA) and an MDiv from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Jacksonville FL, summa cum laude). I am a member of Peterhouse College, currently pursuing an MPhil in Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion in the New Testament & Early Christianity pathway with intentions to continue to PhD research in the Gospel of John. My MPhil dissertation topic is Philosophical Narrative? The Gospel of John and Apuleius’ "Cupid and Psyche" Compared.

My professional goal is to teach those training for Christian pastoral ministry at the seminary or university level and contribute to the field of New Testament studies through research and writing. As far as academic interests go, I enjoy ancient languages, biblical exegesis and interpretation, textual criticism, transmission and reception of scripture, Greco-Roman history, classical philosophy, and ecclesiastical history with a pinch of theology thrown in for good measure. My non-academic interests include playing guitar (among other instruments), songwriting, collecting vinyl records, backpacking, journaling and writing in general. I have a fun little allegorical book forthcoming entitled Misplaced: Here, There and the Journey Between (A Mostly-True Story about Difficult Paths and Personal Growth).


  • Johannine corpus
  • New Testament in Greco-Roman context
  • Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and literature
  • Philosophical & literary mechanisms in the Gospel of John

Teaching and Supervisions

  • Colquitt Christian Academy (Moultrie GA) 2017-2020: Latin, Greek, New Testament, medieval western history
  • Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Charlotte NC) 2018-2020: Beginner Greek teaching assistant under Dr. Gerald Wheaton
 Eric  Foster-Whiddon

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New Testament
Early Christianity


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