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Having been born in Seoul, Korea, but raised in the U.S., Ahreum has always appreciated different sociocultural contexts. This led her to study anthropology as an undergraduate at Yale University. An additional interest in theology prompted her to attend Torch Trinity Graduate University in Korea, where she received a Master of Divinity (summa cum laude). At the encouragement of her professors, she decided to pursue further theological research. For her MPhil New Testament thesis at the University of Cambridge, Ahreum combined her interests in theology and anthropology and wrote about the Greco-Roman notions of fear and love in relation to the fear and love in 1 John 4. She is continuing to write on 1 John as a PhD candidate, in particular comparing the Greco-Roman associations of victory embodied in the goddess Nike with the victory of faith appearing in 1 John 5.


  • The Johannine Epistles
  • Gospel of John
  • New Testament in Greco-Roman context
  • Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and literature 
 Ah Reum  Kim

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New Testament
Early Christianity


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