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Vincent Williams

Vincent Williams

Systematic/Constructive Theology


I'm a Christian Theology MPhil student in the Faculty of Divinity at Cambridge. Most of my work falls under the umbrella of Systematic/Constructive Theology, providing creative intersections between the Christian tradition and issues of marked importance in the world today. I've previously completed a Master's degree in systematic theology at Yale Divinity School. My work at Yale was supervised by Prof. Kathryn Tanner, and my thesis was titled "An Assessment of Theologie Totale", which aimed to critically reflect upon Sarah Coakley's recent contributions to theological method.

I've done research in economics, philosophy, and political science in addition to a traditional training in Christian theology. My current research projects focus on developing Christian-inflected accounts of justice that have the potential to resist the harmful features of the current economy and culture, as well as work in political theology that responds to this age of precarity. 

My MPhil thesis, "Social Justice and the Public Shape of Grace," (supervisor: Ian McFarland) aims to provide an interface between Kathryn Tanner's theology of grace and Iris Marion Young's theory of justice. Beyond the descriptive or analytic accounts of a Christian-inflected account of justice, the project also culminates in a theory of Christian action attuned to the environments and structures within which people live their lives as analogous to an enabling conception of grace as a suitable atmosphere for flourishing life.

Subject area and speciality

Christian Theology specialists:

M.Phil. student in Christian Theology

Research Interests

Systematic/Constructive Theology
Intelligibility of Christian Doctrine
Theological Frameworks for Christian Engagement in Society


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