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Faculty of Divinity

Hebrew Bible | Historical Linguistics


I am a husband and father of two from Houston, Texas. Prior to Cambridge, I took two degrees in Biblical Studies with a specialization in the linguistics of ancient Greek and Hebrew, and worked with impoverished and disadvantaged groups in various urban and international contexts.

My research examines the relationship between convention and interference in the Greek translation of Ezekiel. It seeks to make a contribution to the descriptive grammar of post-classical Greek by using documentary evidence from Ptolemaic papyri and inscriptions to build a corpus of constructions against which to evaluate the translation. This research requires specialization in fields such as linguistics, Hebrew Bible, computer programming, and classics. 

I also have a particular passion for effective pedagogy in biblical language education, which often leads my research into second-language acquisition.  


  • Biblical Languages 
  • Corpus-Driven Cognitive Semantics
  • Grammaticalization 
  • Linguistic Typology
  • Periodization of Greek and Hebrew

Teaching and Supervisions


Director of Biblingo Live

  • Greek I-II
  • Hebrew I-II
  • Advanced Greek and Hebrew Linguistics
PhD Candidate
 Travis  Wright
Not available for consultancy


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