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Faculty of Divinity


Travis Wright's research endeavours to make a contribution to the descriptive grammar of Post-Classical Greek by analysing prepositional semantics in the Septuagint, where issues of language contact and language change provide invaluable evidence for understanding the evolution of the Greek language. This research requires specialization in Cognitive Linguistics and Natural Language Processing, as well as the diachronic study of both the Greek (e.g. Classical to Standard Modern) and Hebrew languages. 



Travis is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge, where his research focuses on Linguistics and the Greek and Hebrew languages. Prior to Cambridge, he worked with impoverished and disadvantaged groups in various urban and international contexts. He serves currently as the Director of Biblingo Live, a global educational platform focused on teaching ancient Greek and Hebrew as spoken, living languages. 


  • Greek and Hebrew (all periods)
  • Corpus-driven Cognitive Semantics
  • Diachronic Construction Grammar
  • Bible Translation
  • The Language of Ptolemaic Papyri

Teaching and Supervisions



  • Greek (Classical and Post-Classical/Koine)
  • Biblical Hebrew 
  • Linguistics and Bible Translation
  • Hebrew Bible and Septuagint

Other Professional Activities

  • Cambridge Language Sciences
  • Institute of Biblical Research 
  • Linguistic Society of America
  • International Organization for Cognitive Linguistics 
  • International Organization for Septuagint 
  • Society of Biblical Literature 
  • Evangelical Theological Society 
PhD Candidate
 Travis  Wright

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