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The Epistle to the Hebrews
Promise in Jewish and Christian Thought
Second Temple Judaism


I am a PhD student in New Testament, focusing on the concept of promise in the Epistle to the Hebrews. I am grateful to be supported in my studies by the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

As an undergraduate in Classics at UCLA, I fell in love with the language, literature, and linguistics of Ancient Greek. The entire classical world fascinated me, and I enjoyed exploring its mix of cultures and its wide range of both art and philosophical thought. Following undergraduate study, I pursued a M.Div. at The Master’s Seminary. While there, I focused my studies on linguistic development between Attic and Koine Greek, early Jewish Christianity, and the interpretation of both New Testament and Patristic texts. During this time, I also served on staff at a church, teaching various groups within the church from secondary school students to adults. It was in this context that I came to more fully appreciate Hebrews, and desire to study it in depth. After graduation from seminary, I came on faculty and taught beginning Greek to both undergraduates and graduates, in addition to a graduate seminar on Hellenistic Literature. Building upon this work, in my PhD, I will focus on how the concepts of covenant and promise were used in Hebrews to provide a group identity and hope for an audience that had previously faced hardship and displacement from their property and were expecting to soon face more of the same. 


The Epistle to the Hebrews
Promise in Jewish and Christian Thought
Second Temple Judaism

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Paper A1b: Beginning Greek

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Paper A1b: Beginning Greek

Paper B1b: Intermediate Greek

Paper B4: The Letters of Paul

 Daniel Joseph Stevens

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