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Hugh Burling

This person is no longer associated with the organization.


Cambridge Faculty of Divinity (2015-16)

Paper A8: Introduction to Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

Paper B10: God, Freedom and the Soul

Paper C11: Metaphysics.


Past Experience


KS3 (ages 10-14) religious studies, philosophy and ethics courses (locally determined).

GCSE (ages 14-16) religious studies;

A-level (ages 16-18) philosophy of religion and ethics.

Public Talks and Outreach

“If we can't tell God from a Headache, we can't tell Right from Wrong: what to do about important but irrational beliefs”, St John's College Theological Society, St John's College, Cambridge, 10/03/2014

 “Do we need a special theory about God-talk?”, delivered for visiting sixth-formers in the Faculty of Divinity, 12/09/2014

“Introducing Epistemology”, a taster lesson for attendees of the Sutton Trust Cambridge Summer School, 23/07/2015 and 19/07/2016.

“When Should I believe in something I can’t see?”, delivered for sixth-formers at Oundle School, 17/03/2016.

“Perfect Being Theology”, a distance learning enrichment unit for sith-formers studying philosophy of religion contributed to the HE+ scheme ( at 13/02/2015).



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