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Ryan Haecker


I have been awarded a Peterhouse Graduate Research Studentship to study for a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Religious Studies under the supervision of Lord Professor Rowan Williams.  My doctoral dissertation, tentatively titled 'Restoring Reason: Origen's Trinitarian Logic', should show, through a deep and creative reading of Origen of Alexandria, how logic is ontological, ontology is theological, and theology is trinitarian.

I have previously studied history, philosophy, and theology at the University of Texas, the University Würzburg, and the University of Nottingham.  I have written a genealogy of the analogy of being and dialectical logic from Plato and Aristotle, through Aquinas and Ockham, to Hegel and Przywara.  I wish to write a future monograph, tentatively titled 'Analogy and Dialectic: A Genealogy of the Trinity', to explore the philosophical, systematic, and historical intersections of analogy and dialectic in trinitarian theology.  My research examines the intersections of ancient Platonism, medieval scholasticism, and modern idealism for modern theology.

I am currently working on an interdisciplinary research project, between historical and systematic theology, focusing on the reception of Stoic logic and Platonic ontology in the early Patristic trinitarian theology of Origen of Alexandria.  I wish to argue that Origen's trinitarian theology contains a trinitarian logic.  I hope to help inaugurate a new field of research in the theology of logic for the development of a future trinitarian ontology.

Area of Interest

  • Trinitarian Theology
  • Philosophy of Logic
  • Patristics
  • Platonism
  • German Idealism
  • Systematic Theology

Professional Presentations

  • Examining Hegel’s Idea of Self-Determination, June 2019 - On Hegel's Speculative Syllogism: A Contribution to the Theology of Logic (University of Warwick)
  • German History Research Group, May 2019 - Shadows of the Postmodern in Schelling's Critique of Hegel (University of Cambridge)
  • European Academy of Religion, March 2019 - The Light of the Leaf: A New Theology of the Plant (Bologna, Italy) 
  • German Graduate Research Seminar, February 2019 - The Urphlanz of Life: Eating the Theological Fruit of Goethe's Metamorphosis of Plants (University of Cambridge) 
  • Colloquium Adamantianum, January 2019 - Ramelli on the Birth of the Trinitarian Meaning of Hypostasis II: A Philosophical Reflection (University of Cambridge)
  • Monarchy and Modernity Since 1500, January 2019 - Monarchism After Modernity: Towards a Political Theology of the Gift (University of Cambridge)
  • Sisters in Arms, Reinventing the Bond Between Philosophy and Theology after the 'Empirical Turn', January 2019 - Who Can We Crown 'Queen of the Sciences'? Reconsidering Quine's 'Naturalized Epistemology' (University of Cambridge)
  • Peterhouse Graduate Symposium, November 2018 - The Light of the Leaf: A New Theology of the Plant (University of Cambridge)
  • World Metaphysics Conference, October 2018 - The Logic of the Logos: A New Theology of Logic (Pontifical University of Salamanca)
  • Beierwaltes Seminar on Origen and Christian Platonism, October 2018 - Origen Against Logocentrism: Derrida, Dialectic, and Difference (University of Cambridge)
  • Presences: Modalities, Stimmung, Intensity, September 2018 - What do Angels Sing? Recent Reflections on the Harmonia Mundi (University of Cambridge)
  • The Tolkien Society Oxonmoot 2018, September 2018 - On the Providential Historicism of Middle-earth (University of Oxford)
  • IOCS The Newness of the Old, August 2018 - Origen's Trinitarian Traditionalism: Ressourcement in Response to Lyotard (University of Cambridge)
  • Beierwaltes Seminar on Origen and Christian Platonism, July 2018 - Origen Against Ontotheology: Heidegger, Marion, and Exodus 3:14 (University of Cambridge)
  • Colloquium Adamantium, June 2018 - Dialectic in Origen's Christology: An Examination of Jacobsen's Teacher of Salvation (University of Cambridge)
  • Examining Hegel's Idea of Essence, May 2018 - Opposing Otherness: A Hegelian Counter-Critique of Desmond’s Metaxological Critique of Dialectic (University of Warwick)
  • Origen and the Origenian Tradition on Progress, May 2018 - On the First Principles of Origen's Logic (Sapienza University of Rome)
  • Theological Tropes in Contemporary Culture, May 2018 - Comics, Capitalism, and Christ (University of Oxford)
  • Noesis Seminar, April 2018 - Analogy and Dialectic in Plato (University of Cambridge)
  • Society for the Study of Theology, April 2018 Conference – The Monster in the Monstrance: The Paradox of Speculative Materialism in the Alien Film Series (University of Nottingham)
  • Peterhouse Graduate Symposium, February 2018 – Origen’s Angel of History (University of Cambridge)
  • Silence(s) Study Day, November 2017 – The One that is Not: The Logic of Silence in Plato’s Parmenides (University of Cambridge)
  • Centre for the Study of Platonism, November 2017 – On Origen's Speculative Angelology (University of Cambridge)
  • Peterhouse Graduate Symposium, November 2017 – Origen’s Trinitarian Logic (University of Cambridge)
  • Centre for Catholic Studies, April 2016 – A Short Theological History of Infinity (University of Durham)
  • Postgraduate Presentation, February 2016 – Is Thomism Radical Enough? A Reply to Alan Darley (University of Nottingham)

Subject area and speciality

Philosophy of Religion specialists:

Origen's Trinitarian Logic: philosophy of logic in light of Origen of Alexandria's trinitarian theology

Research Interests

Trinitarian Theology, Philosophical Theology, Systematic Theology, Pythagoreanism, Platonism, Aristotelianism, Stoicism, Gnosticism, Plotinus, Proclus, Origen, Augustine, Patristics, Dionysius, Eriugena, Medieval Scholasticism, Aquinas, Scotus, Ockham, Cusa, German Idealism, Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, Marx, Frege, Heidegger, Quine, Bataille, Derrida, Baudrillard, Badiou, Meillasoux, Intellectual History of Europe and the History of Western Philosophy, the History and Philosophy of Western Antiquity and East Asia, World History, the Philosophy of History, Political Theology and Political Philosophy, the Philosophy and History of Logic, the Philosophy and Foundations of Mathematics, Metaphysics and Ontology, Virtue Ethics, Aesthetics, Musicology, Ecology, Botany, Mechanics, Semiotics, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, Mariology, Angelology, Analogy, Participation, Paradox, Contradiction, Dialetheism, and Dialectic.


Other Professional Activities

I am a reviewer for Reviews of Religion and Theology.  I am a committee member of the interdisciplinary philosophy society Philiminality Cambridge.  I collaborated with Prof. Robin Kirkpatrick to plan the public forum on angelology, What have the Angels Ever Done for Us?, for the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.  I am also collaborating to prepare conferences on Monarchy in Modernity, the 20th-Century reception of French Hegel, and a future international conference on New Trinitarian Ontologies.  I co-host two reading groups on Nicolas of Cusa and G.W.F. Hegel at Peterhouse Cambridge.  I regularly contribute to the Whichcote Society, Quaero Cambridge theological apologetics, and the Aesthetics and Politics Reading Group on Critical Theory, as well as to Plotinus, Eriugena, and Schelling reading groups, which are hosted by Prof. Douglas Hedley and the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism.  And I have also previously hosted the Dionysius of Areopagite Reading Group for the study of the theological semiotics, ecclesio-politics, and speculative angelology.


Honours and Awards

  • Peterhouse Cambridge Greta Burkill Fund for Graduates 2017-2020
  • Peterhouse Cambridge Research Studentship, 2017-2020
  • University of Nottingham Recommended for Sir Francis Hill Scholarship, 2016
  • University of Texas Deans List, 2008-2009
  • Phi Alpha Theta National History Honors Society 2009
  • Texas State University Dean's List, 2006-2007
  • Texas State University Mitte Honors Program, 2007

Other Presentations

  • Philiminality Cambridge, Spring 2019 - On The Standing of Essence in Hegel and His Critics (University of Cambridge)
  • Plotinus Reading Group, October 2018 - On the Order of Providence in Plotinus' Enneads III.2.8. (University of Cambridge)
  • Cambridge Festival of Ideas, October 2018 -  'What have the Angels Ever Done for Us?' A Public Forum (University of Cambridge)
  • Medieval Philosophy Reading Group, October 2018 - Duns Scotus on Divine Knowledge of Future Contingents in the Lectures on Peter the Lombard's Sentences (University of Cambridge)
  • Young Austin Professional Philosophy Association, June 2018 – Derrida-Searle Debate on Deconstruction and Ordinary Language  (Austin, Texas)
  • The Tolkien Society Seminar 2018, June 2018 - On the Providential Historicism of Middle-earth (Leeds, England)
  • Hegel Reading Group, February 2018 – Introduction to the Concept in Hegel's The Science of Logic (University of Cambridge)
  • Eriugena Reading Group, January 2018 – The Five Modes of Negation in the Periphyseon (University of Cambridge)
  • Young Austin Professional Philosophy Association, January 2018 – The Political Theology of Climate Change (Austin, Texas)
  • Hegel Reading Group, November 2017 – Dialectic in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit (University of Cambridge)
  • Jefferson Book Club, Summer 2017 – Summer Reading Group on Ancient Political Philosophy (University of Texas)
  • Undergraduate Philosophy Association, April 2015 – Plato, Logic, and Ontology (University of Texas)
  • Theravada Buddhism and Catholic Christianity, March 2015 – Public Discussion (University of Texas)
  • Guest Lecture, February 2014 - The Roots of Chinese Medicine (Texas Health and Science University)
  • Lecture Series, July to August 2013  - Oriental History in Three Acts (Texas Health and Science University)
  • Third Annual Philosophy Conference, March 2013 - The Historicism and Providence of Middle-Earth (Houston Baptist University)
  • Anscombe Society, March 2012 - Philosophy of Nature and Natural Law (University of Texas)
  • Jefferson Book Club, April 2012 - Edward Gibbons and the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (University of Texas)
  • Phi Alpha Theta National History Honors Society, May 2009 - Schumpeter Imperialism (University of Texas)
  • Undergraduate History Society, February 2009 - The Philosophy of History of Hegel (University of Texas)
  • Undergraduate Philosophy Association, September 2008 - Just War Theory (University of Texas)

Key Publications


  • Review of Robert Somos, Logic and Argumentation in Origen [Reviews in Religion and Theology, Vol.26, Issue 1, January 2019] (Forthcoming)  
  • On the Providential Historicism of Middle-earth [Tolkien Society Seminar Proceedings, Luna Press Publishing, 2018] (Forthcoming)
  • A Plastic Possibility for Ralph Cudworth’s Libertarianism: A Reply to Christian Hengstermann [Adamantiana Conference Volume “Origen’s Philosophy of Freedom in 17th-Century England”] (Forthcoming)
  • The One that is Not: The Logic of Silence in Plato’s Parmenides [Noesis Review, Issue 5, Easter Term 2018]
  • Review of Roger Scruton, On Human Nature [Politics & Poetics: A Journal for Humane Philosophy, Volume III; The Human Difference]
  • Review of Geoffrey Holsclaw, Transcending Subjects: Augustine, Hegel, and Theology [Hegel Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain. Cambridge University Press, 2017]
  • Is Thomism Radical Enough? A Reply to Alan Darley [Theofilos vol. 8 no. 1 (2016): 16-28.]


  • Analogy and Dialectic: A Genealogy of the Trinity (In Progress)

Other Publications

  • Review of Philip John Paul Gonzales, Reimagining the Analogia Entis: The Future of Erich Przywara's Christian Vision [Reviews in Religion and Theology] (In Progress)
  • What do Angels Sing? Recent Reflections on the Pythagorean Harmonia Mundi [Faculty of Divinity Pamphlet] (Forthcoming)
  • Origen Against Deconstruction: A Postmodern Patristic Apologia (In Progress)
  • Traces of the Trinity in Plato's Parmenides (In Progress)
  • On Miracles: An Essay Against the Principle of Sufficient Reason
  • Opposing Otherness: A Hegelian Counter-Critique of Desmond’s Metaxological Critique of Dialectic
  • Comics, Capitalism, and Christ: A Posterior Evangelium
  • The Monster in the Monstrance: The Paradox of Speculative Materialism in the Alien Film Series
  • On Origen's Speculative Angelology
  • Unloosing Upwards: On the Paradox of Analysis in the Theology of Logic
  • Plato's Positive Dialectic: Hegel Reads Plato's Parmenides, Sophist, and Philebus
  • A Case for Contradictions in the Trinity: A Neoplatonic Metaphysics of Relative Identity
  • The Gothic Analogy of Being: An Investigation of the Sublime and the Infinite
  • A Short Theological History of Infinity
  • Plato Against Phenomenology: A Genealogical Critique
  • Dialectical Analogy and Analogical Dialectics: Przywara and Hegel on the Analogy of Being
  • In Defense of Plato on Mathematical Ideas: A Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics XIII 6-8
  • Plato’s Contest: Answering the Challenge of the Parmenides


Current students and supervisors can access the Faculty’s Moodle page by clicking on the image below.