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Grace period: reverting to 1-day again

Grace period: reverting to 1-day again

One-day grace explained
One-day grace explained

From 20 November 2018 all University of Cambridge libraries will be reverting back to 1-day grace period![*1]  

A 3-day grace period had been applied between September and today, on all loans (of 1-day or greater), disregarding whether a book was requested.

This caused major inconvenience for those who had requested a book on loan to someone else.

1-day grace explained:

Two borrowers have 1 book each due on 22 November 2018.

Borrower A: returns book on Fri 23 November 2018; 1-day grace applies. S/he doesn't pay any fines for this late return.

Borrower B: returns book on Mon 26 November 2018; 1-day grace does not apply. S/he is fined for 2-days of late return!

If the above does not make sense, please ask us when you are in the Divinity Library!

[*1] Please note that this 1-day grace period only applies to loans which are 1-day or greater.