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Faculty of Divinity


As of 14:15 today (18 January 2018) all returned books, and all books taken out between 2 January 2018 and 17/01/2018 should now have disappeared from your account, or are on your account (as they should be).

New My Library Account location:

Please log in to your Account via (the new link)

or, go to, then "Login to iDiscover" (on the right-hand side of the top navigation bar), then "Login to My Library Account", to check what's on your account.


The new system lets you "Renew all loans" (from all libraries you have books from!), if that's possible, or you can just select the ones, you want to renew.


Please be aware that we will forgive any fines accrued between 2 Jan and today (18/1/2018, 6pm).

If you haven't had time to read about the policy changes, please go to the blog post "Important changes to borrowers – new system!".


Known issues:

- if you have exceeded the loan period of 3x your normal loan period, you will need to ask us to renew books for you (we will continue to do this, unless you are blocked by fines, and/or if someone has requested the book you want to renew!). Best to email us, and please give us your V-number! Thank you for your patience!

- all PhD students have been "made" Master's students on the new system - not great, but should be fixed soon. Until then, any renewals will be (at Divinity Library) for 2 weeks, not the normal 4 weeks! Apologies! This is a system-wide bug!

- we haven't managed to forgive all fines (for fines accrued between you returning a book - 2 to 18 Jan 2018) yet; please do not panic. If you still see fines on your account by the 1st February 2018, please point these out to us, and we'll forgive these. Historic fines (i.e. accrued before 2 Jan 2018 won't be forgiven).

- if you managed to borrow more books than you are normally entitled to (10 for UG, 15 for MPhil and PhD, 20 staff), please return as many as necessary asap (otherwise, you cannot renew any of your Divinity Library books).

- a small number of people cannot log into their account, if that's you: please email us giving us:

a) your V number

b) confirming that you tried logging in as described above (new login to "My Library Account"), with your Raven user name and password.

c) a description of how far you get.

We will endeavor to fix this, get help from the UL's systems team, asap.


Many thanks for your patience during this "interesting" time of change for all of us.