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Faculty of Divinity


We are back to term time borrowing

If you borrow or renew a book today (19/4/2018), you will get the same loan periods as during term time, for

  • Undergraduate students this will mean: the due date is 26/4/2018 (today still the same date as the vocation borrowing date, but from tomorrow it will be 27/4/2018, etc.)
  • MPhil students renewal date or borrowing date: 3 May 2018
  • PhD students renewal date or borrowing date: 17 May 2018
  • Staff (incl. Post-docs) renewal or borrowing date: 14 June 2018

Please remember that

1. any book can be recalled/requested, but that the minimum time of a loan should be 5 working days.

2. Renewals won't work if you have exceeded the maximum renewal period, which is 3x your normal loan length. If this happens, please email us, and if the book has not been requested, we'll renew it again.