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Information for non-current members and external students/scholars

Please read these pages before travelling to the Divinity Library, or Cambridge especially, to avoid disappointment.

If you are not a current member of the University of Cambridge, please note the following rules for using the Divinity Library:

 1. During term time: only current members of the University may access the Divinity Library.

This policy has two reasons:

  • to prioritise our resources for our core users,
  • to enable library staff to focus on our core users and the work which will be of benefit to current members of the University of Cambridge.

 2. Unlike the UL, no alumni or alumnae can borrow from the Divinity Library.

 3. Current members of

access the Divinity Library any time during its opening hours. If they have a blue University card, they can also borrow books.

4. Official visiting scholars of

  • the University of Cambridge
  • any of the 31 colleges of the University of Cambridge
  • the Cambridge Theological federation, or
  • Tyndale House

may access and borrow from the Library for the time of them living in Cambridge. They should make themselves known at the Issue Desk.

If visiting scholars would like to have borrowing rights, they should please note that from 1 December 2016, we require (as the UL) an Application for Borrowing form to be completed by the supporting institution.

There is also a charge for using the Divinity Library for official visiting scholars of the Cambridge Theological federation and Tyndale House; the Faculty's Learning Resources Committee decided to charge £50 for every 3 month; this is in addition to asking the hosting institution in Cambridge to provide a guarantee for the visiting scholar. Non-University Visiting Scholars charges can be made at

Please contact us about your planned visit, the charges and the gurantee form before making the payment, and before making definite plans to use the Divinity Library.

 If you have any questions about access, please contact us in advance of your visit.