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How do I know when the books are due?

Readers receive an email notice four days before books are due for return, and on the day when they are due. Books can be renewed online (log in to iDiscover using your CRsID and Raven password -> pick My Library Account), or in person at the issue desk. Renewal instructions and a walk-through is available on our Blog. Please try to renew your books early, and check the date and time of when your book is due. Our books are usually due when the Library closes on any given due date.

How many times can you renew books

In theory the Divinity Library offers unlimited renewals. However, you can only renew a book for 3x as long as your original borrowing period (e.g. an undergraduate has 7 days for the initial borrowing, so can renew the book for the 3 weeks after first borrowing a book). During vacation times there is a fixed due date of the first Thursday in next full term. Otherwise, if your loan period is one week, you can renew a book at any time during term time, and the system will change the due date to 7 days from the day of making the renewal.

Reasons why you might not be able to renew

There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to renew one, several, or all the books you borrowed from the Divinity Library

  • Fines: These are levied for all readers at 25p per late book, and £1 per late, requested book per working day. Fines can block your account (accrued or accruying fines of £20.01 and higher), which will mean that you won't be able either to renew a book, or borrow books from us.
  • Reservations: All material that is on loan can be reserved via the iDiscover, or at the Issue Desk. Once the book is returned to the Library you will be notified via email and the book will be held for you for two days. Books that have been reserved may not be renewed and must be returned by the original due date.
  • Expiry of your account: sadly, our system is not synced with other University systems.

Please contact us if you cannot renew a book/books and cannot figure out why. We might need to investigate your status to extend your borrowing privileges.