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Borrowing allowance

Borrowing at the Divinity Library from Fri 1 February 2019

All borrowers at the Divinity Library:

- can renew books for a period of up-to 3x of their initial loan length (unless the book is requested/recalled by another reader, and/or  if their account is not blocked - e.g. due to fines)

- can recall or put a hold on a book.

Depending on which group you belong to, you will have the following borrowing privileges:

Current member of Cambridge University (+ the CTF)

Maximum number of books

initial loan length

UG students (& Advanced Diploma)

 7 days


MPhil students


4 weeks

PhD students


4 weeks


Staff (incl. post-docs)


4 weeks


(Official) Visiting-Scholars


2 weeks

If you are an Alumni/alumnae or an external scholar we cannot give you any borrowing privileges at the Divinity Library.

If you are an official visiting scholar at any part of the University of Cambridge, at the Cambridge Theological Federation, or at Tyndale House and have a blue University of Cambridge card, or a white University Library card (stating "visiting scholar"/Reg. 5.4), we should be able to register you for borrowing.