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Library Rules

These Library Rules were last updated, and approved by the Learning Resources Committee in Easter Term 2017.


Use of the Library

Any current member of the University of Cambridge may register with the Divinity Library using their University Card. This card should also be used every time they wish to borrow from the library.


  • Overdue book AND requested by another reader: £0.50 per day and book
  • Overdue book without a request: £0.25 per day and book
  • Temporary Reserve Collection items (in library use-only): 1p per minute

 Fines reaching £20.01 (or higher) block any renewals, or borrowing, until the fines are paid. Books might also need to be returned before blocks can be lifted. If you have any questions, please contact the Library.



  • 3 online renewals
  • Library staff will renew beyond 3 times for you, but fines need to be zero, and there can be no requests by another reader for this book.


The following books cannot be borrowed:

  • Most books in Section 1 of the Library
  • Books marked as Reference (red labels)
  • Periodicals (bound or unbound)
  • Pamphlets (in closed access, please ask for consulting them)
  • Books published before 1900 (please consult in Library)

 Any books lost or damaged need to be replaced by the person who has borrowed them; this includes loss whilst travelling (e.g. on a plane). If you have lost a book, please ask about the full cost of their replacement as soon as possible, as prices of second hand books can increase the longer you wait.

Conduct of users of the Library

  • users should maintain silence as far as is possible
  • Users must not eat, smoke, drink or light a fire in the Library.
  • Bottled water can be taken into the Library.

Theft and Borrowing

It is a serious offence to steal books or other material, or to borrow them without checking them out. Any offender shall be fined and/or excluded from the Library for a fixed period or indefinitely.

Treatment of books and other Library materials

Users of the Library shall not:

  • write in, mark or in any way deface any Library materials.
  • let rain or snow ruin unprotected books (please carry them in a bag or rucksack)

Users will be asked to replace books if the book is deemed damaged too much!


Library materials are shared resources: please help us to preserve the collection by treating books well.