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Video explaining Click & Collect (5 minutes)Divinity Faculty Library: Click & Collect

(Last update: 18/06/2021, 12:35)


You can order up to 7 Divinity Library volumes. by emailing us at (using the subject line "Click & collect").


  1. Please find the book's record on iDiscover
  2. Copy the permalink(s of up to 7 volumes) into an email. If you don’t know how to find the permalink on iDiscover please watch the 40 seconds-long screencast at
  3. Please give us additional info, if required.
  4. Please use the words "Click & collect" in the subject line of the email - it helps us enormously.
  5. Did we mention already that you should use "Click & collect" in the subject line? Oh, we did. Sorry.

When will books be ready to collect?

We will email you when the book(s) are ready for collection. Normally that is within hours of making the request (Mon-Fri, daytime only).

We now offer collection on

Mon - Fri: 9:30:00-13:00 plus 14:00-16:00.

This is for operational reasons, and we will review these arrangements in line with changes to advice about COVID19.

How to pick up the books?

Collect the books from the Divinity Faculty Library

  1. You will receive an email telling you when the book(s) are ready to collect.
  2. The Divinity Faculty building is open again, but you are not permitted to use the building for any study outside the Library (see "Book a Seat" for how this works).
  3. When you come to the entrance of Divinity Faculty Library, please knock on our door (on the 2nd floor of the building).
  4. Show us your University card, through one of the small windows in the door, so that we can see your name.
  5. Please step back from the door.
  6. We will fetch your requested book(s), and gives to you.
  7. Please keep 2m+ distance from us, even though we will wear a mask.
  8. Please be prepared to join a queue.

The above is subject to changes, as we are responding to "Acts of God" (strictly in the insurance sense of this expression), COVID19, and the Faculty and University opening and closing the front door.

You will not be able to enter the Library, unless you have booked "Book a Seat" or "Browse and Borrow" session; for more information on our services see