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Faculty of Divinity


Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Please do not hesitate to ask further questions, the following are just the most-common questions we get asked, and which are not covered by any of the other pages here.


1. Do you have sample dissertations for Tripos UG?


2. Do you have sample dissertations for the BTh degree?

Sorry, we don't have any. These get submitted to the Cambridge Theological Federation. You can contact them, or the CTF librarians.


1. Does the Divinity Faculty Library support alumni or almunae?

Sadly, we have neither the person power nor the spaces and collections to support alumni or alumnae. So you cannot borrow from us. Please use the UL for borrowing books, but please check which services are available during COVID19. When we are not dealing with the restrictions of a pandemic, we are happy for alumni and alumnae to use the Divinity Library outsite teaching/term times, for reference purposes only. Sadly, during COVID19 we cannot even allow this, as we are too busy with providing restricted services to the current members of the University. Sorry.

2. Which services are you offering at the moment?

Please check our front page at for updates on our services. During COVID19, and due to other reasons we will need to change and adapt our services accordingly. Please never travel to the Divinity Faculty Library without having checked which services we can offer. 

3. How do I collect books which I have recalled?

In the same way as collecting books requested through 'click & collect'. Once you have received an email notifying you that the book is available, come to the Library during our opening hours, knock on the door, have your University Card ready, and we will hand the book(s) to you.

4. Can I borrow books during a 'Browse & Borrow' or 'Book a Seat' appointment?

Yes - books can be borrowed as normal using the self-issue machine. If you want to ensure they are here at the time of your appointment, you may want to make a 'Click & Collect' request in advance of your visit.