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Faculty of Divinity


It might not seem this way, but we really aim to keep these rules to a minimum, to provide a friendly, quiet and welcoming environment for everyone using the Divinity Library. In addition to our library rules, we also provide the following


  • Please reshelve returned books and books that have been used in the Library.
  • Please switch off desk lamps after use.
  • Please switch off mobile phones.
  • Out of consideration for other readers, please keep conversation noise levels low
  • Reserved books are kept for two days and readers will be contacted by email when books arrive. Other books can be kept aside for 24 hours, by arrangement with Library staff. If you have been notified, but don't need the reserved book any more, please let us know.

COVID19-specific rules


  • stay at home if you have symptoms of being ill, or feel like you might be ill.
  • wear a face covering (unless you are exempt from doing so).
  • keep a distance of 2m or more where possible.
  • do not move chairs to another location within the library - as each chair needs to be in its location.
  • keep to the timings of your booking, and please leave if asked to do so (we need to stay under the maximum occupancy level of people using the library).
  • return books to us at the Issue Desk, but only those you had borrowed before.

We hope that providing this restricted service will benefit your studies and research, and appreciate your patience and understanding of why we need to offer services this way.