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2015, November

The Library welcomes suggestions from any member of the University of Cambridge.

The following books were purchased or received (as donations), and added at the Divinity Library, University of Cambridge, in November 2015. We have again benefitted from a large number of donations this month.

Author / EditorTitleYearClass markReading list
AITKEN, James K. The T&T Clark companion to the Septuagint 2015 3 AITK 2
ANDERSON, Pamela Sue (ed) New Topics in Feminist Philosophy of Religion  2010 10 ANDE 8 MPhil CT
BALTHASAR, Hans Urs von Truth is Symphonic 1987 9 BALT 27(2) MPhil CT
BALTHASAR, Hans Urs von Truth is Symphonic 1987 9 BALT 27(3) MPhil CT
BASSELIN, Timothy J. Flannery O'Connor: writing a theology of disabled humanity 2013 10 OCON BAS
BEALE, G.K. The Right Doctrine from the Wrong Texts? 1994 5 BEAL 1
BOCK, Darrell L. A Theology of Luke and Acts 2012 5 BOCK 6
BRADSHAW, Timothy Pannenberg: a guide for the perplexed 2009 9 PANN BRA 1
BURNS, Duncan and ROGERSON, J.W. (eds) Far from minimal: celebrating the work and influence of Philip R. Davies 2012 3 DAVI BURN 1
CAMPBELL, W. Gordon Reading revelation: a thematic approach 2012 5 CAMP 5
CHARRY, Ellen T. Psalms 1-50 2015 2 CHAR 3
COAKLEY, Sarah The New Asceticism 2015 10 COAK 3
COLOE, Mary L. God dwells with us 2001 5 COLO 2 D1f
COWDELL, Scott Rene Girard and Secular Modernity  2013 10 GIRA  COWD 1
CRUMP, David Encountering Jesus, encountering Scripture 2013 2 CRUM 1
DAY, Abby, et al, (eds) Social Identities between the Sacred and the Secular 2013 10 DAY 1
DICK, Steven J. The impact of discovering life beyond earth 2015 10 DICK 4
DONIGER, Wendy The Norton Anthology of World Religions: Hinduism 2015 16A DONI 1
EVANS, Erin The Books of Jeu and the Pistis Sophia as handbooks to eternity 7 EVAN 2
FIDDES, Paul S. and BADER, Gunter  The Spirit and the Letter 9 FIDD 5
GIFFORD, Paul  Christianity, development and modernity in Africa 9 GIFF 1
GILLAND, David Andrew Law and gospel in Emil Brunner's earlier dialectical theology 9 BRUN GIL 1
GOODWIN, Philip Translating the English Bible 2 GOOD 2
GRANT, Edward Physical Science in the Middle Ages 10 GRAN 3
GREENMAN, Jeffrey P.  Understanding Jaques Ellul 10 ELLU GRE 1
GUNDLACH, Bradley J. Process and Providence 8 GUND 1
HANCOCK, Rebecca S. Esther and the politics of negotiation 3 HANC 1
HARE, John E. God's Command 10 HARE 12 MPhil CT
HARRIES, Patrick and MAXWELL, David (eds) The Spiritual in the Secular  8 HARR 17(2) MPhil CT
HARRIS, Michael J. Faith Without Fear 4 HARR 6
HOLDREGE, Barbara A. Bhakti and Embodiment 11 HOLD 2
JEBB, Sharon Writing God and the Self 10 JEBB 1 MPhil CT
JOHNSON, Elizabeth A. She Who Is 9 JOHN 31(2) MPhil CT
JOHNSON, Elizabeth A. She Who Is (10th anniversary edition) 9 JOHN 31(3)
JOYCE, Paul  Divine initiative and human response in Ezekiel 3 JOYC 1
KIEL, Micah D.  The 'whole truth': rethinking retribution in the book of Tobit 3 KIEL 1
KIENZLE, Beverly Mayne, et al (eds) A Companion to Hildegard of Bingen 6 HILD KIEN 1
KNOPPERS, Gary N. and McCONVILLE, J. Gordon (eds) Reconsidering Israel and Judah 3 KNOP 1
KOLODZIEJCZYK, Sebastian T. Knowledge, action, pluralism 10 KOLO 1
LASINE, Stuart Weighing Hearts 2 LASI 1
LAW, Michael Timothy and SALVESEN, Alison Greek Scripture and the Rabbis 4 LAW 1
LAWRENCE, Louise J. Sense and stigma in the Gospels 5 LAWR 1
LLEWELYN, S.R. and HARRISON, J.R. (eds) New documents illustrating early Christianity 5 LLEW 1
LOPEZ, Donald S. The Norton Anthology of World Religions: Buddhism 11 LOPE 4
LOW, Katherine The Bible, gender and reception history: the case of Job's wife 3 LOW 1
LYONS, William John, and SANDWELL, Isabella (eds) Delivering the word: preaching and exegesis in the western Christian tradition 12 LYON 1
MARKSCHIES, Christoph Christian Theology and its institutions in the early Roman Empire 6 MARK 8
MASTERSON, Patrick Approaching God 10 MAST 2
McGRATH, Alister E.  The intellectual world of C.S. Lewis 10 LEWI MACG 1
MCINERNY, Ralph Introduction to the Summa Theologiae of Thomas Aquinas 10 THQ ST 1
MEZEI, Balazs M. Religion and revelation after Auschwitz 10 MEZE 1
MILLS, Mary E. Urban Imagination in Biblical Prophecy 3 MILL 10
MOFFAT, Donald P. Ezra's Social Drama 3 MOFF 1
MOO, Douglas J. Galatians 5 MOO 2
MOSELEY, Carys Nationhood, Providence and Witness 10 MOSE 7
MOYISE, Steve The Old Testament in the New 3 MOYI 1
MURPHY, Francesca Aran (ed) The Oxford Handbook of Christology 9 MURP 4
OESTE, Gordon K. Legitimacy, illegitimacy and the right to rule: windows on Abimelech's rise and demise in Judges 9 3 OEST 9
PANNENBERG, Wolfhart Systematic Theology: volume 1 9 PANN 19.1(2) D2e
PANNENBERG, Wolfhart Systematic Theology: volume 1 9 PANN 19.1(3)
PANNENBERG, Wolfhart Systematic Theology: volume 1 9 PANN 19.1(4) A2
PESSIN, Sarah Ibn Gabirol's Theology of Desire 4 GABI PES 1
PSEUDO-DIONYSIUS The Complete Works 7 DION 5(4) D1d ; B13
PSEUDO-DIONYSIUS The Complete Works 7 DION 5(5)
RAMBACHAN, Anantanand The Advaita Worldview 11 RAMB 2(4)
RAMBACHAN, Anantanand The Advaita Worldview 11 RAMB 2(5)
RAM-PRASAD, Chakravarthi Divine self, human self 11 RAMP 2
RIGBY, Paul The Theology of Augustine's Confessions 9 AUGU RIG 1
RIVERA, Joseph  The contemplative self after Michael Henry 10 HENR RIV 1
ROBINSON, Marilynne The Givenness of Things 9 ROBI 22
ROBSON, James The Norton Anthology of World Religions: Daoism 11 ROBS 1
SCHAAB, Gloria L. Trinity in Relation 10 SCHA 7
SEO, Pyung-Soo Luke's Jesus in the Roman empire and the emperor in the Gospel of Luke 5 SEO 1 
SPARKS, Kenton L.  Sacred Word, Broken Word 9 SPAR 2
SPENCER, F. Scott Salty wives, spirited mothers and savvy widows 5 SPEN 2
STAVRAKOPOULOU, Francesca Land of our fathers: the roles of ancestor veneration in biblical land claims 3 STAV 1
UEMURA, Shizuka Land or Earth? 3 UEM 1
VASILIJEVIC, Maxim History, truth, holiness 9 VASIL 1
WARD, Graham Christ and the Cosmos 9 WARD 17
WARIBOKO, Nimi The Pentecostal Principle 9 WARI 1
WEINANDY, Thomas G.  Athansius: a theological introduction 7 ATHA WEIN 1
WENDEHORST, Stephan E. C. British Jewry, Zionism and the Jewish State, 1936-1956 8 WEND 1
WITTE, John The western case for monogamy over polygamy 9 WITT 1
WOLFE, Judith C.S. Lewis and the church 10 LEWI WOL 1
WRIGHT, Benjamin G.  The Letter of Aristeas 4 WRIG 5
WRIGHT, John Postliberal theology and the Church Catholic: conversations with George Lindbeck, David Burrell and Stanley Hauerwas 9 WRIG 10 
WRIGHT, N.T. The Resurrection and the Son of God 5 WRIG 5.3(3)
YATES, Timothy The Conversion of the Maori 8 YATE 5
ZAMAN, Muhammad Qasim Modern Islamic Thought in a Radical Age 11 ZAMA 1(2)