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2016, August

The Library welcomes suggestions from any member of the University of Cambridge.

The following books were purchased or received (as donation), and added at the Divinity Library, University of Cambridge, in August 2016.

Author / EditorTitlePublisherYearClass markReading list
ALLMAN, Mark J. Who would Jesus kill? War, peace, and the Christian tradition Anselm Academic 2008 19A ALLM 1 D1c
ALTHAUS-REID, Marcella and ISHERWOOD, Lisa (eds) Controversies in body theology SCM Press 2008 9 ALTH 10 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
AQUINAS, Thomas Commentary on the letters of Saint Paul to the Romans [Biblical Commentaries, Vol. 37] Aquinas Institute for the Study of Sacred Doctrine 2012 X5 THQ CO 8.37
AQUINAS, Thomas Commentary on the letters of Saint Paul to the Corinthians [Biblical Commentaries, Vol. 38 ] Aquinas Institute for the Study of Sacred Doctrine 2012 X5 THQ CO 8.38
AQUINAS, Thomas Commentary on the letters of Saint Paul to the Galatians and Ephesians [Biblical Commentaries, Vol. 39] Aquinas Institute for the Study of Sacred Doctrine 2012 X5 THQ CO 8.39
AQUINAS, Thomas Commentary on the letters of Saint Paul to the Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, and Philemon [Biblical Commentaries, Vol. 40] Aquinas Institute for the Study of Sacred Doctrine 2012 X5 THQ CO 8.40
AQUINAS, Thomas Commentary on the letters of Saint Paul to the Hebrews [Biblical Commentaries, Vol. 41] Aquinas Institute for the S= tudy of Sacred Doctrine 2012 X5 THQ CO 8.41
ARBERY, Glen & COWAN, Louise (eds.) The tragic abyss (Studies in Genre) Dallas Institute Publications 2003 10 ARBE 1 MPhil: Theology and Literature: Tragedy
ASAD, Talal   (et al) Is Critique Secular?:  Blaspemy, Injury & Free Speech Fordham University Press 2013 19A ASAD 1
ATHANSIUS On the Incarnation of the Word Aeterna Press 2015 7 ATHA IN 4 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
ATHANSIUS, Saint Athanasius On the Incarnation St Vladimir's Seminary Press 2011 7 ATHA IN 3 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
AULD, A. Graeme Understanding poets and prophets: essays in honour of George Wishart Anderson Sheffield Academic Press 1993 3 ANDE 17
BALTHASAR, Hans von Urs The glory of the Lord : a theological aesthetics Vol. 1 (Seeing the form) T&T Clark 1982 (1998 reprint) 9 BALT GL 1(2)
BECKER-LINDENTHAL, Hjördis Die Wiederholung der Philosophie : Kierkegaards Kulturkritik und ihre Folgen de Grutyer 2015 10 KIER BEC 1
BEGBIE, Jeremy Music, Modernity, and God : Essays in Listening OUP 2013 9 BEGB 7
BERGER, Teresa  (Ed.) Liturgy in Migration: From the Upper Room to Cyberspace Liturgical Press 2012 12 BERG 1
BERGSON, Henri The creative mind: an introduction to metaphysics Dover 2007 10 BERG 19 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
BERGSON, Henri Matter and memory Zone books 1991 10 BERG 20 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
BLACHOWICZ, James Essential difference: toward a metaphysics of emergence SUNY Press 2012 10 BLAC 19 C11
BLANCHETTE, Olivia Philosophy of being: a reconstructive essay in metaphysics The Catholic University of America Press 2003 10 BLAN 5 C11
BOCKMUEL, Markus and HAGNER, Donald A. The written gospel Cambridge University Press<= /span> 2005  5 STAN 13(3)
BRITTAIN, Christopher Craig (ed) Theology, university, humanities Cascade 2011 9 BRIT 3 D1c
BROWN, Christopher M. Aquinas and the Ship of Theseus : solving puzzples about material objects continuum 2005 10 THQ BRO 2 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
BRUEGGEMANN, Walter Out of Babylon Abingdon Press 2010 3 BRUE 25 D1c
CHRISTOYANOUPOLOS, A. Christian anarchism : a political commentary on the gospel Imprint Academic 2010 19S CHRI 1 D1c
CLARKE, W. Norris The philosophical approach to God: a new Thomistic perspective Fordham University Press 2007 10 CLAR 25 C11
CLAYTON, Philip and KNAPP, Steven  The predicament of belief: science, philosophy and faith Oxford University Press 2011 10 CLAY 11 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
COOK, Joanna Meditation in modern Buddhism: renunciation and change in Thai monastic life Cambridge Universtiy Press 2010 15A COOK 1
DARR, Katheryn Pfisterer Isaiah's vision and the family of God WJK Westminster John Knox Press   1994 3 DARR 1
DAVIS, Richard H. The Bhagavad Gita: a biography Princeton UP 2014 16C GITA DAV 1 A7
DAWSON, Andrew Santo Daime: A New World Religion Bloomsbury 2013 17A DAWS 1
De TAVERNIER, Johan, et al (eds.) Responsibility, God and society Peeters 2008 19S BURG TAV 1 D1c
DHAVAMONY, Mariasuasi Hindu-Christian dialogue : theological soundings and perspectives Rodopi 2002 18B DHAV 1 D1c
DILLENBERGER, J. (ed.) Martin Luther : Selections from his writings Doubleday 1961 6 LUTM DIL 1 D1c
DUFFY, Eamon Faith of our fathers: reflections on Catholic tradition Continuum 2004 9 DUFF 2
Fitzpatrick-McKinley, Anne The transformation of Torah from scribal advice to law Sheffield Academic Press 1999 4 FITZ 4
FLEMINGS, Hal A philosophical, scientific and theological defense for the notion that God exists University Press of America 2003 10 FLEM 1
FLIPPER, Joseph S. Between apocalypse and eschaton: history and eternity in Henri de Lubac Fortress press 2015 9 LUBA FIL 1 D1c
FRETHEIM, Terence E. Deuteronomic history [Interpreting Biblical Texts] Abingdon Press Nashville<  1983 3 FRET 5
FULLER, Michael (ed.) Matter and meaning : is matter sacred or profane? Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2011 10 FULL 7 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
GILBY, T. Principality and polity: Aquinas and the rise of state theory in the West Longmans 1958 19A THQ GIL 1 D1c
GILSON, Etienne Methodical Realism : a handbook for beginning realists, translated y Philip Tower Ignatius 2011 10 GILS 16 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
GREGERSEN, Henrik  Incarnation : on the scope and depth of Christology CUP 2014 10 DAVI 35 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
GREGORY, Eric Politics and the order of love: an Augustinian ethic of democratic citizenship University of Chicago Press 2008 19A AUGU GRE 1 D1c
GRONDIN, Jean Du sens des choses : l'idee de la metaphysique Presses Universitaires de France 2013 10 GRON 2
GUEST, Mathew / ARWECK, E., (eds.) Religion & Knowledge: Sociological Perspectives Ashgate  2012 19S GUES 1
HALL, Edith Greek tragedy : suffering under the sun OUP 2010 10 HALL 10 MPhil: Theology and Literature: Tragedy
HAMMOND, Geordan & JONES, David Ceri (eds.) George Whitefield : life, context and legacy OUP 2016 8 WHIT HAM 1
HARTSHORNE, Charles Omnipotence and other theological mistakes State University of New York 1984 10 HARC 14
HARVEY, Barry Taking hold of the real : Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the profound worldliness of Christianity Cascade Books 2015 9 BONH HAR 1
HAUERWAS, Stanley & WILLIMON, William H. Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony Abingdon press 2014 9 HAUE 7(2) D1c
HEANY, Robert S. From historical to critical post-colonial theology : the contribiton of John S. Mbiti & Jess N.K. Mugambi James Clarke & Co. 2016 9 HEAN 2
HOVEY, Craig and PHILLIPS, Elizabeth (ed) The Cambridge Companion to Christian Political Theology Cambridge University Press 2015 9 HOVE 1(2) D1c
INNANEN, Tpanai & SALMINEN, Veli-Matti (eds.) Hymn, song, society [Publications, The Chruch Research Institute 63] Church Research Institute 2016 19S INNA 1
INSOLE, Christopher  J. The intolerable god : Kant's theological journey Eerdmans 2016    B10
JASPER, David and PRICKETT, Stephen (eds.) The bible and literature : a reader Blackwell Publishing 1999 2 JASP 2
JEEVES, Malcolm Emergence of Personhood : a quantum leap? Eerdmans 2015 19A JEEV 1
JOHNSON, Mark The meaning of the body University of Chicago Press 1999 10 JOHN 21 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
KALANTZIS, George & LEE, G.W. (eds.) Christian political witness InterVarsity Press 2014 19A KALA 1 D1c
KALLENBERG, Brad J. By Design: Ethics, Theology, and the Practice og Engineering James Clark & Co 2013 10 KALL 1
KEARNEY, Richard and TREANOR, Brian Carnal hermeneutics Fordham University Press 2015 10 KEAR 4
KIEFFER-PÜLZ, Petra Sīmāvicāraṇa : a Pali letter on monastic boundaries by King Rāma IV of Siam Lumbini International Research Institute 2011 15B RAMA 1
LEE, Eric Austin, and KIMBRIEL, Samuel (eds) The resounding soul: reflections on the metaphysics and vivacity of the human person Cascade books 2015 10 LEE 7 C11
Macintosh, A. A. (Andrew Alexander)  T&T Clark Hebrew Primer : for revision and consolidation /  London : Bloomsbury, 2014. 2014 1G HEB-TTC 1(2) A1a
Macintosh, A. A. (Andrew Alexander)   T&T Clark Hebrew Primer : for revision and consolidation /  London : Bloomsbury, 2014.  2014 1G HEB-TTC 1(3) A1a
MCCONNELL, Michael W., et al (eds) Christian perspectives on legal thought Yale University Press 2001 19A MACC 1
McDONOUGH, Enda The Gracing of Society Gill & MacMillan 1989 19S MACD 1 D1c
MILBANK, John The future of love: essays in political theology SCM press 2009 9 MILB 8 D1c
MOULE, C.F.D.  The origin of Christology Cambridge Universtiy Press 1978 5 MOUL 10(4)
MYERS, Ched Binding the strong man: a political reading of Mark's story of Jesus (20th anniversary edition) Orbis books 2015 5 MYER 3b D1c
NORDQUIST, Kjell-Ake Gods and arms Lutterworth Press 2013 19A NORD 1
O'ROURKE, Fran ed Human destinies University of Notre Dame Press 2013 10 HANR ORO 1
PATRICK, Anne E. Conscience & Calling: Ethical Reflections on Catholic Women's Church Vocations Bloomsbury   2013 9 PATR 2
PRINCE, A Gregory & WRIGHT, WM Robert David O McKay and the rise of modern mormonism University of Utah Press 2005 9 MACK PRI 1
RASMUSSEN, Joel D. S. Between Irony and Witness :
Kierkegaard's Poetics of Faith, Hope, and Love 
Bloomsbury 2005 10 KIER RAS 1
RICHES, John (ed) The new Cambridge history of the Bible. Volume 4. From 1750 to the present. CUP 2016 2 CAM-HIS 2.4
SCHAREN, B. Christian Explorations in ecclesiology and ethnography eerdmans 2012 19A SCHA 1
SCHNABEL, Eckhard J. Law and wisdom from Ben Sira to Paul Mohr Siebeck 1985 5 SCHN 17 C3
Slater, Gary C.S Peirce and the Nested Continua Model of Religious Interpretation  OUP 2015 10 PEIR SLA 1
SOKOLOWSKI, Robert Christian faith & human understanding : studies on the Eucharist, Trinity, and the human p= erson Catholic University of America Press 2006 9 SOKO 3 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
SONNET, Jean-Pierre The book within the book : writing in Deuteronomy Brill 1997 3 SONN 1
SWIFT, Louis K. The Early Fathers on war and military service Michael Glazier 1983 7 SWIF 1 D1c
Thompson, Michael E.W.  Where is the God of Justice? The Old Testament and Suffering Pickwick (Wipf and Stock Publishers) 2011 3 THOM 14
THOMPSON, T. Jack Light on Darkness? Missionary photography of Africa in the 19th and early 20th Centuries eerdmans 2012 8 THOM 24
TOWNES, Emilie N. Embracing the spirit: womanist perspectives on hope, transformation and salvation Orbis books 1997
VANHOOZER, Kevin J. Faith speaking understanding : performing the drama of doctrine  WJK books 2014 9 VANH 3 MPhil : Theology & Literature (Tragedy)
VIAL, Theodore Modern religion, modern race Oxford University Press 2016 10 VIAL 1
WARD, Keith More than matter? What humans really are Lion books 2010 10 WARD 27 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
WATSON, Francis The fourfold Gospel : a theological reading of the New Testament portraits of Jesus Baker 2016 5 WATTS 10
WHITEHEAD, Alfred North Science and the modern world Cambridge University Press 2011 10 WHAN 1 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
Journal for the study of the Old Testament 40.5 (Book List 2016) Sage 2016 3 SOC 2016