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2016, July

The Library welcomes suggestions from any member of the University of Cambridge.

The following books were purchased or received (as donations), and added at the Divinity Library, University of Cambridge, in July 2016:

Author / EditorTitleYearClass markReading list
AGUILAR, Mario The history and politics of Latin American theology: volume III: a theology at the periphery 2008 8 AGUI 1.3 D1c
ANATOLIOS, Khaled The holy trinity in the life of the church 2014 9 ANAT 1
ARISTOTLE (transl. SACHS, Joe) On the Soul and On Memory and Recollection 2004 10 ARIS DA 2 C11
BAR ON, Bat-Ami (ed.)  
Engendering origins : critical feminist readings in Plato and Aristotle
1994 10 BARO 1 B11 
BAUCKHAM, Richard, et al., eds. A cloud of witnesses:  the theology of Hebrews in its ancient context 2007 5 BAUC 12 C3
BEIERWALTES, Werner ; BALTHASAR, Hans Urs von ; HAAS, Alois M. Grundfragen der Mystik (Kriterien ; 33) 1974 9 BEIE 1
BEISTEGU, Miguel & SPARKS, Simon (eds.) Philosophy and tragedy  2000 10 BEIS 2 MPhil: Theology and Literature: Tragedy
BOITANI, Piero The gospel according to Shakespeare 2013 10 BOIT 1 MPhil: Christian Theology
BONAVENTURE, Saint Commentary on ecclesiastes [works of St. Bonaventure 7] 2005 9 BVSC WO 7
BONAVENTURE, Saint Itinerarium Mentis In Deum II [Works of Saint Bonaventure, Volume 2] 2002 9 BVSC WO 2
BONHOEFFER, Dietrich, 1906-1945.  Ethics /  1995 8 BONH ET 2(2)
BOUCHARD, Larry D. Tragic method and tragic theology: evil in contemporary drama and religious thought 1989 10 BOUC 1 MPhil: Theology and Literature: Tragedy
BOUCHARD, Larry D.  Theater and integrity: emptying selves in drama, ethics and religion 2011 10 BOUC 2 MPhil: Christian Theology
BROWN, Warren S. Understanding Wisdom : sources, science & society 2000 19P BROW 1
BRYANT, Levi, et al, (eds) The speculative turn: continental materialism and realism 2011 10 BRYA 1 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
BUCAR, Elizabeth M. and Barnett, Barbra (eds) Does human rights need God?   2005 10 BUCA 1 D1c
BUCKLEY, R.P. The Night Journey & Ascension in Islam: The Reception of Religious Narrative in Sunni, Sh'I and Western Culture 2013 11H BUCK 1
CARPENTER, Amber Indian Buddhist Philosophy 2014 15A CARP 1
CAVANAUGH, William T. Migrations of the holy: God, state and the political meaning of the church 2011 9 CAVA 7 D1c
CAVANAUGH, William T., et al, (eds) An Eerdmans reader in contemporary political theology 2012 9 CAVA 6 D1c
CHEMERO, Anthony Radical embodied cognitive science 2009 10 CHEM 1 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
CLARKE, W. Norris The creative retrieval of Saint Thomas Aquinas : essays in Thomistic philosophy, new and old 2009 10 THQ CLA 1 C11
CONE, James H. The cross and the lynching tree 2013 8 CONE 2 D1c
CROCKETT, Clayton, and ROBBINS, Jeffrey W. Religion, politics and the earth 2012 19A CROC 1 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
DAUGHTON, Amy With and for others: developing Ricoeur's ethics of self using Aquinas's language of analogy 2016 10 RICO DAU 1
D'COSTA, Gavin & THOMPSON, Ross (eds.) Buddhist-Christian dual belonging : affirmations, objections, explorations 2016 18A DCOS 4
DELCOGLIANO, Mark Works on spirit : Athanasius's Letters to Serapion on the Holy Spirit, And, Didymus's on the Holy Spirit 2011 7 DELC 1
DILLER, Kevin Theology's Epistemological Dilemma : How Karl Barth and Alvin Plantinga Provide a Unified Response 2014 9 DILL 17 C11
DOODY, John, et al, (eds) Augustine and politics 2005 7 AUGU DOO 1 D1c
DOWLEY, Tim Introduction to world  religions. 2014 19A DOWL 1d A7
EDELGLASS, William ; GARFIELD, Jay L. (eds.) Buddhist philosophy : essential readings 2009 15A EDEL 1
EVANS, Craig A., and FLINT, Peter W. Eschatology, Messianism and the Dead Sea Scrolls 1997 5 EVAN 8 C3
FAGENBLATT, Michael A Covenant of Creatures: Levinas's Philosophy of Judaism 2010 4 FAGE 2 D2c
FLETT, JOHN G. Apostolicity: the ecumenical question in world Christian perspective 2016 9 FLET 2 B7
FREEMAN, Anthony (eds.) Consciousness and Its Place in Nature : Does Physicalism Entail Panpsychism? 2006 10 FREE 5 C11
GEDDES, Jennifer L. Evil after postmodernism: histories, narratives and ethics 2001 10 GEDD 1 MPhil: Christian Theol= ogy
GILKES, Cheryl Townsend If it wasn't for the women: black women's experience and womanist culture in church and community 2001 19G GILK 1 D1c
GOETZ, Stewart and TALIAFERRO, Charles Naturalism 2008 10 GOET 2  MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
GOODMAN, Lenn Evan, and CARAMENICO, Dennis Gregory Coming to mind: the soul and its body 2013 10 GOOD 12 C11
GREGERSEN, Niels Henrik (ed) Incarnation: on the scope and depth of christology 2015 9 GREG 5 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
GRENZ, Stanley J. Rediscovering the triune god: the trinity in contemporary theology 2004 9 GREN 5
GROF, Ruth & GRECO, John (eds.) Powers and capacities in philosophy : the new Aristotelianism 2013 10 GROF 1 MPhil: Theology and the natural sciences
GUTIERREZ, Gustavo The density of the present: selected writings 1999 9 GUTI 8 D1c
GUTIERREZ, Gustavo A theology of liberation 2001 9 GUTI 7c D1c
HART, Kevin (ed.) Jean Luc Marion : The Essential Writings 2013 10 MARI HAR 1 C11
HART, Trevor, et al, (eds) Art, imagination and Christian hope: patterns of promise 2012 9 HART 13
HASKER, William The Emergent Self (Cornell Studies in the Philosophy of Religion) 1999 10 HASK 3 C11
HASKER, William, et al, (eds) God in an open universe: science, metaphysics and open theism 2011 10 HASK 4 C11
HAUERWAS, Stanley After Christendom? How the church is to behave if freedom, justice and a Christian nation are bad ideas 1999 9 HAUE 23 D1c
HERMAN, Geoffrey Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians: religious dynamics in a Sasanian context 2014 4 HERM 1
HINLICKY, Paul R. The rise of creedal Christianity 2011 7 HINL 1
HOELZL, M. and WARD, G. (eds.) Religion and political thought 2006 19A HOEL 1 D1c
HOUTMAN, Dick, and MEYER, Birgit (eds) Things: religion and the question of materiality 2012 10 HOUT 1 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
HOWARD-SNYDER, Daniel & McBRAYER, Justin P The Blackwell Companion to the Problem of Evil 2013 10 MACB 1 C11
JACOBSEN, Douglas Global gospel: an introduction to Christianity on five continents 2015 8 JACO 6
JOAS, Hans The sacredness of the person : a new genealogy o human rights 2013 19H JOAS 1 D1c
JOHNS, Loren L. The lamb Christology of the Apocalypse of John  2003 5 JOHN 11 C3
JONAS, Silvia Ineffability and its metaphysics : the unspeakable in art, religion, and philosophy 2016 10 JONA 3
JOUGHLIN, John J. (ed) Philosophical Shakespeares  2000 10 JOUG 1 MPhil: Christian Theology
JOÜON, Paul & MURAOKA, T A grammar of biblical Hebrew 2013 1G HEBR-GRA 4b
Julian, of Norwich, b. 1343.  Showings : authoritative text, contexts, criticism 
2005 6 JULN 5(4)
Julian, of Norwich, b. 1343.  Showings : authoritative text, contexts, criticism 
2005 6 JULN 5(5)
KELSEY, David H. Eccentric existence: a theological anthropology, Vol. 1 2009 9 KELS 7
KELSEY, David H. Eccentric existence: a theological anthropology, Vol. 2 2009 9 KELS 7
KIRWAN, Michael Political theology: a new introduction 2008 9 KIRW 1 D1c
KIVEL, Paul Living in the shadow of the cross: understanding and resisting the power and privilege of Christian hegemony 2013 10 KIVE 1
KLAASSEN, W. (ed.) Anabaptism In Outline: Selected Primary Sources 1981 6 KLAA 1 D1c
KOSCHORKE, Klaus et al. (eds.)  Discourses of indigenous-Christian elites in colonial societies in Asia and Africa around 1900 : a documentary sourcebook from selected journals 2016 8 KOSC4 D2e
LARRIMORE, Mark Problem of Evil : A Reader 2001 10 LARR 1 C11
LEAL, Robert Barry Wilderness in the Bible: toward a theology of wilderness 2008 19C LEAL 1
LONG, D. Stephen Speaking of God: Theology, Language and Truth 2009 9 LONG 5 C11
MACDONALD, Scott (ed.) Being and Goodness : The Concept of the Good in Metaphysics and Philosophical Theology 1991 10 MACD 5 C11
MADDEN, James D. Mind, matter and nature: a thomistic proposal for the philosophy of mind 2013 10 MADD 3 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
MARION, Jean-Luc In excess: studies of saturated phenomena 2002 10 MARI 26 C11
McCosker, Philip & TURNER, Denys (eds.) The Cambridge companion to the summa theologiae 2016 10 THQ ST MAC 1
MCFARLAND, Ian A. (Ian Alexander), 1963-  Listening to the least : doing theology from the outside in 
1998 9 MACF 6(2)
MOO, Douglas J. The letter of James (The Pillar New Testament Commentary) 2000 2:89:20 C1b
MOSER, Paul K. and TROUT, J.D. (eds) Contemporary materialism: a reader 1995 10 MOSE 8 MPhil: Materiality and embodiment
MROCZEK, Eva The literary imagination in Jewish antiquity 2016 4 MROC 1 D2d & B3
NEWLANDS, George Christ and human rights: the transformative engagement 2006 9 NEWL 7 D1c
NICHOLAS, Aidan Say it is Pentecost : A Guide Through Balthasar's Logic. 2001 9 BALT NIC 4 MPhil: Christian Theology
O'DONOVAN, Oliver and O'Donovan, Joan Lockwood Bonds of imperfection: Christian politics past and present 2004 19H ODON 1 D1c
OLSON, Roger, E. and HALL, Christopher A. The Trinity 2002 9 OLSO 1
PECKNOLD, C.C. Christianity and politics: a brief guide to the history 2010 19H PECK 1 D1c
PETRELLA, Ivan The future of Liberation Theology: an argument and manifesto 2016 9 PETR 3 D1c
PFAU, Thomas Minding the modern: human agency, intellectual traditions and responsible knowledge 2013 10 PFAU 1 C11
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth Political theology: a guide for the perplexed 2012 9 PHIL 4(1) D1c
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth Political theology: a guide for the perplexed 2012 9 PHIL 4(2) D1c
PHILLIPS, Layli The womanist reader 2006 19G PHIL 1 D1c
PORTER, Jean Nature as reason: a thomistic theory of natural law 2005 10 PORT 9 D1c
PRATICO, Gary Davis & VAN PELT, Miles Basics of biblical Heb rew grammar [2nd updated edition] 2014 1G HEBR-BAS 1
PUTNAM, Hilary Jewish Philosophy as a Guide to Life : Rosenzweig, Buber, LéVinas, Wittgenstein. The Helen and Martin Schwartz Lectures in Jewish Studies 2008 4 PUTN 1 C11
RAMBACHAN, Anantand The limits of scripture : Vivekananda's reinterpretation of the Vedas 1994 16C RAMB 2(2)
REED, Esther D. The ethics of Human Rights 2007 19A REED 1 D1c
RESCHER, Nicholas Process Metaphysics : An Introduction to Process Philosophy 1996 10 RESC 15 C11
ROWE, William L God and the Problem of Evil 2001 10 ROWE 4 C11
RUSSELL, Letty M., et al, (ed) Inheriting our mother' s gardens: feminist theology in third world perspective 1988 9 RUSS 9 D1c
SCHABOW, Stephanie Gemacht zu einem König reich und Priestern für Gott : eine Auslegung der basileia-/basileuw-Aussagen in Offb 1,6; 5; 10; 20,4.6 und 22,5 2016 5 SCHA 3
SCHELLING, F.W.J. Philosophical investigations into the essence of human freedom 2006 10 SCHF PI 2 C11
SHERMAN, Jacob H.,  Partakers of the divine : contemplation and the practice of philosophy /  2014 9 SHER 7(2)
SIMMONS, J. Aaron The new phenomenology: a philosophical introduction 2013 10 SIMM 1 C11
SOBRINO, Jon The spirituality of liberation 1988 9 SOBR 8 D1c
SORABJI, Richard Animal Minds and Human Morals : The Origins of the Western Debate 1993 10 SORA 4(2)  
STENGERS, Isabelle Thinking with Whitehead: a free and wild creation of concepts 2011 10 WHIT STE 1 C11
STOUT, Jeffrey and MACSWAIN, Robert Grammar and Grace: reformulations of Aquinas and Wittgenstein 2004 10 STOU 4 C11
TOWNES, Emilie M. In a blaze of glory: womanist spirituality as social witness 1995 19G TOWN 1 D1c
TURNER, Max, GREEN, Joel B. (Edited by). Jesus of Nazareth Lord and Christ : Essays on the Historical Jesus and New Testament Christology. 1994 5 GREEN 4 C3
WALLER, Giles & TAYLOR, Kevin Christian Theology and Tragedy : Theologians, Tragic Literature and Tragic Theory 2011 10 TAYL 19 MPhil: Theology and Literature: Tragedy
WILLIAMS, Delores S. Sisters in the wilderness: the challenge of womanist God-talk 2013 19G WILL 1 D1c