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2016, May

The Library welcomes suggestions from any member of the University of Cambridge.

The following books were purchased or received (as donations), and added at the Divinity Library, University of Cambridge, in May 2016.

Author / EditorTitleYearClass markReading list
AQUINAS, Thomas (DAVIES, Brian, ed.) On evil 2003 10 THQ QM 1 A5
ARMSTRONG, A.H The architecture of the intelligible universe in the philosophy of Plotinus 1940(2013) 10 PLOT ARM 1
AVI-YONAH, Michael (ed.) The World History of the Jewish People : volume VII (The Herodian Period) 1975 4 WORL 1.7
BAR-KOCHVA, Bezalel The image of the Jews in Greek literarture: the Hellenistic period 2010 4 BARK 2 D2d/B3
BRINGA, Tone Being Muslim the Bosnian way: identity and community in a central Bosnian village 1995 11 BRIN 1 A6
BRAUDE, Ann Radical spirits: spiritualism and women's rights in nineteenth century America 2001(1989) 8 BRAU 4b
CARTWRIGHT, Sophie The theological anthropology of Eustathius of Antioch 2015 7 EUST CAR 1
CHAPMAN, Stephen B. 1 Samuel as Christian scripture: a theological commentary 2016 3 CHAP 1
COLLINGWOOD, R.G. The philosophy of enchantment 2005 10 COLL 10
DEEB, Laura An enchanted modern: gender and public piety in Shi'i Lebanon 2006 11 DEEB 1 A6

DENIS, Philippe (ed.)

Orality, memory & the past : listening to the voices of black clergy under colonialism and apartheid 2000 8 DENI 2
DILLARD, Annie Pilgrim at Tinker creek 2011 10 DILL 7 A5
DILLON, John (ed) Alcinous: the handbook of Platonism  1993(2002) 7 ALCI DIL 1
DUFFY, Eamon Stripping of the altars : traditional religion in England, c.1400-c.1580 /  1992 6 DUFF 2a(2)
GRIFFIN, David Ray God, power & evil: a process theodicy 2004 9 GRIF 4 A5
HABETS, Myk Theology in transposition : a constructive appraisal of T.F. Torrance 2013 9 TORR HAB 1
HARRIES, Jill Law and empire: in late antiquity 2001 6 HARR 9 B6
HARRISON, Peter (ed) The Cambridge Companion to Science and Religion 2010 10 HARR 19(2)
KIM, Andrew An introduction to Catholic ethics since Vatican II 2015 9 KIM 5
KOESTLE-CATE, Jonathan Art and the Church: a fractious embrace. Ecclesiastical encounters with contemporary art 2016 12 KOES 1
MARECHAL, Brigitte The Muslim brothers in Europe: roots and discourse 2008 11 MARE 1 A6
MASON, Steve A history of the Jewish war A.D. 66-74 2016 4 MASO 6 D2d/B3
MONTEMAGGI, Vittorio and TREHERNE, Matthew (ed) Dante's commedia: theology as poetry 2010 10 DANT MON 1(2)
MORRISON, Toni Beloved 2007 10 MORI 10 A5
MORSE, Christopher Not every spirit: a dogmatics of Christian disbelief 2009 9 MORS 2b A5
NEAL, Ryan A. Theology as hope: on the ground and implications of Jürgen Moltmann's doctrine of hope 2008 9 MOLT NEA 1 C5
NIMMO, Paul T., and FERGUSSON, David, A.S, (eds) The cambridge companion reformed theology 2016 9 NIMM 1
PELKMANS, Mathijs Defending the border: identity, religion and modernity in the Republic of Georgia 2006 8 PELK 1 A6
POLKINGHORNE, John Science and providence: God's interaction with the world 1989 10 POLK 5
SCHALIT, Abraham (ed.) The World History of the Jewish People : volume VI (The Hellenistic Age) 1976 4 WORL 1.6
SCHARTZ, Seth The ancient Jews from Alexander to Muhammad 2014 4 SCHW 12 D2d/B3
SCHROTER, Jens From Jesus to the New Testament: early Christian theology and the origins of the New Testament canon 2013 5 SCHR 4 A5
SCHULTE, Lucas L. My shepherd, though you do not know me : the persian royal propaganda model in the Nehemiah memor 2016 4 SCHU 17
SCOTT, Dominic Levels of argument: a comparative study of Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Nicomacean Ethics 2015 10 PLAT SCO 1 B11
SOUTHGATE, Christopher  The groaning of creation: God, evolution and the problem of evil 2008 10 SOUT 3
TANNER, Jesse F. Dialogical transformation : exploring avenues of interreligious dialogue as a practice promoting spiritual growth 2016 18A TANN 1
TANNER, Kathryn Jesus, humanity and the Trinity: a brief systematic theology 2001 9 TANN 5 A5
TARLO, Emma Visibly Muslim: fashion, politics, faith 2010 11 TARL 1 A6
UPDIKE, John Roger's version 2006 10 UPDI 1 A5
WESSELS, Anton The Torah, the Gospel, and the Qur'an: Three Books, Two Cities, One Tale 2013 18B WESS 1