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2016, September

The Library welcomes suggestions from any member of the University of Cambridge.

The following books were purchased or received (as donation), and added at the Divinity Library, University of Cambridge, in September 2016.

Author / EditorTitlePublisherYearClass markReading list
AQUINAS, Thomas Selected writings Penguin  1998 10 THQ MCI 1 B10
AUGUSTINE, Saint The City of God Penguin 2003 7 AUGU CI 5(2) D1c
AYER, A.J. Language, truth and logic Penguin 2001 10 AYER 10c B10
BARNETT , Victoria J. ; BOBERT, Sabine, FEIL, Ernst et al. (eds .) Dietrich Bonhoeffer Jahrbuch 3 2007/2008 Gütersloher Verlagshaus 2008 8  BONH JB 3
BARTH,  Karl, 1886-1968.  Word of God and the word of man /  Hodder and Stoughton  1928 9 BART WO 1(2)
BELL, Daniel M. Just war as Christian discipleship Brazos 2009 10 BELL 7 D1c
BLENKINSOPP, Joseph Isaiah 40-55 Yale University Press 2002 2:24:19a
BONNETTE, Dennis Aquinas' proofs for God's existence Martinus Nijhoff 1972 10 THQ BON 1(2) B10
BOUTENEFF, Peter C. Beginnings: ancient Christian readings of the biblical creation narratives Baker Academic 2008 7 BOUT 1 A5
BRETHERTON, Luke Christianity and Contemporary Politics Wiley-Blackwell 2010 19P BRET 1 D1c
CAMERON, Euan (ed) The new Cambridge history of the Bible. Volume 3. From 1450 to 1750. CUP 2016 2 CAM-HIS 2.3
CAVANAUGH, William T. Field hospital: the church's engagement with a wounded world William B. Eerdmans 2016 9 CAVA 8 D1c
CAVANAUGH, William T., et al, (eds) An Eerdmans reader in contemporary political theology William B. Eerdmans 2012 9 CAVA 6(2) D1c
CAYLEY, Davie The rivers north of the future: the testament of Ivan Illich as told to David Cayley House of Anansi Press 2005 10 ILLI CAY 1
CHAPPELL, V.C. (ed.) Hume : a collection of critical essays Doubleday Anchor Books 1966 10 HUME CHA 1(3) B10
CONE, James H. God of the oppressed (Revised edition) Orbis books 1997 9 CONE 3b D1c
CONE, James H. A black theology of liberation Orbis books 2010 9 CONE 2d D1c
CORTEZ, Marc Theological anthropology: a guide for the perplexed Bloomsbury 2009 9 CORT 4(2)
DERRIDA, Jacques Acts of religion Routledge 2010 10 DERJ 15 D1c
DIAMOND, Eli Mortal Imitations of Divine Life: The Nature of the Soul in Aristotle s De Anima Northwestern University Press 2015 10 ARIS DA DIA 1 B10
DINOIA, J. A. The Diversity of religions : A Christian perspective Catholic University of America 1992 18A DINO 1 A5
DOWE, Phil Galileo, Darwin, and Hawking : the interplay of science, reason, and religion Eerdmans 2005 10 DOWE 1 A5
DUNN, James D.G. Cambridge companion to St Paul CUP 2004 5 PAUL DUN 4(4)
FERGUSSON, David Creation Eerdmans 1995 9 FERG 9 A5
FEUERBACH, Ludwig The essence of Christianity ; translated by George Eliot [with introductory essay by Karl Barth] Harper 1957 9 FEUE 1b B10
FRIESEN, J. Glenn Abhishiktananda (Henri Le Saux) : Christian nondualism and Hindu Advaita Aevum Books 2015 18H ABLS FRI 1
GILKEY, Langdon Maker of Heaven and Earth: the Christian doctrine of creation in the light of modern knowledge University Press of America 1985 9 GILK 7 A5
GRIFFITHS, Paul J. Decreation: the last things of all creatures Baylor University Press  2014 9 GRIF 9 Mphil : Materiality and Embodiment
GWYNNE, PAUL Special divine action : key issues in the contemporary debate Gregorian University Press 1996 9 GWYN 1 A5
HARDING, Susan Friend The book of Jerry Falwell: fundamentalist language and politics Princeton UP 2000 8 HARD 8(1)
HARDING, Susan Friend The book of Jerry Falwell: fundamentalist language and politics Princeton UP 2000 8 HARD 8(2)
HAUERWAS, Stanley The peaceable kingdom: a primer in Christian ethics (second edition) SCM Press 1984 9 HAUE 4b D1c
HIEB, Nathan D. Christ crucified in a suffering world : the unity of atonement and liberation Fortress Press 2013 9 HIEB 1
HUME, David An enquiry concerning human understanding and other writings CUP 2007 10 HUME 7 C11
JACKSON, Timothy P. Political agape: Christian love and liberal democracy William B Eerdmans  2015 19P JACK 1 D1c
JAESCHKE, Walter Reason in religion: the foundation's of Hegel's philosophy of religion University of California Press 1990 10 HEGE JAE 1 B10
KANT, Immanuel, 1724-1804.  Groundwork of the metaphysics of morals / [revised edition] Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1998.  2012 10 KANT GW 5b
KANT, Immanuel, 1724-1804.  Groundwork of the metaphysics of morals / [revised edition] Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1998.  2012 10 KANT GW 5b(2)
KÄRKKÄINEN, Veli-Matti Spirit and salvation Eerdmans 2016 9 KARK 3.4
KEENER, Craig S. Spirit hermeneutics : reading scripture in light of Pentecost Eerdmans 2016 2 KEEN 1
KERR, Nathan R. Christ, history and apocalyptic: the politics of Christian mission SCM Press 2008 9 KERR 4 D1c
LLOYD, Vincent W.  The problem with grace: reconfiguring political theology Stanford University Press 2011 9 LLOY 1 D1c
LONG, Michael G. (ed) Christian peace and nonviolence: a documentary history Orbis books 2011 19H LONG 1 D1c
MIGLIORE, Daniel L. Faith seeking understanding: an introduction to Christian Theology (third edition) William B. Eerdmans 2014 9 MIGL 1c A5
MILLER, Vincent Consuming religion : Christian faith and practice in a consumer culture Bloomsbury 2005 19A MILL 1 A5
MORROW, Glenn R. Plato's Cretan city: a historical interpretation of the Laws Princeton UP 1993 10 PLAT MOR 1 B10
NIEBUHR, Reinhold Love and justice Westminster/John Knox press 1992 19S NIEB 1 B10
PADILLA, Elaine, and PHAN, Peter C. (ed) Theology of migration in the Abrahamic religions Palgrave Macmillan 2014 18A PADI 1 D1c
PENELHUM, T. God and scepticism : a study in scepticism and fideism Springer 1983 10 PENE  B10
PETERSON, Michael L. Reason and religious belief : an introduction to the philosophy of religion [5th rev. ed. 2013] OUP 2013 10 PETE 9e B10
PLATO The Laws  Penguin 2004 10 PLAT LA 4
PLATO Five Dialogues : Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo [Grube/Cooper translations; 2nd Revised edition] Hackett 2002 10 PLAT 17b B10
PLATO Laws of Plato /  University of Chicago Press 1988 10 PLAT LA 3(2) B10
RAMSEY, Ian (ed) Prospect for metaphysics: essays of metaphysical exploration George Allen and Unwin 1961 10 RAMS 5 B10
RAUSCHENBUSCH, Walter A theology for the social gospel Westminster/John Knox press 1997 9 RAUS 2(2) A5
RIEGER, Joerg Christ and empire: from Paul to Postcolonial times Fortress press 2007 9 RIEG 1 D1c
ROSSI, Philip J., and WREEN, Michael (eds) Kant's philosophy of religion reconsidered Indiana University Press 1991 10 KANT ROS 1 B10
SANDS,  Kathleen Escape from paradise : evil and tragedy in Feminist theology  Fortress press 1994 9 SAND 6 A5
SEN, Kshiti Mohan.  Hinduism   Harmondsworth : Penguin, 1961  1963 16 A SEN 1(2)
SIGMUND, Paul E.  Natural Law in political thought University Press of America 1971 19P SIGM 1 D1c
SOELLE, D. The silent cry: mysticism and resistance  Augsburg Fortress  2001 9 SOLL 11 D1c
STANNARD, Russell Doing away with God? Creation and the Big Bang Marshall Pickering 1993 10 STAN 6 A5
TAPIE, Matthew A., and MCCLAIN, Daniel Wade, (eds) Reading scripture as a political act: essays on the theopolitical interpretation of the Bible Fortress Press 2015 2 TAPI 1 D1c
TAYLOR, Mark Lewis The theological and the political: on the weight of the world Fortress Press 2011 9 TAYL 20 D1c
THIBODEAU, T.M. (ed.) William Durand : Rationale IV - On the mass and each action pertaining to it [Corpus Christianorum Corpus Christianorum in Translation (CCT 14)]
Brill 2013 12 DURW 2
TRACY, Thomas F. (ed.) The God who acts : philosophical and theological explorations Pennsylvania State University Press 1994 10 TRAC 3 A5
TWEYMAN, S. Scepticism and belief in Hume's dialogues concerning natural religion Martinus Nijhoff 1986 10 HUME TWE 1 B10
WALKER, Ralph Kant Routledge  1978 10 KANT WAL 4 B10
WARD, Graham The politics of discipleship: becoming postmaterial citizens SCM Press 2009 9 WARD 18 D1c
WELKER, Michael.  God the spirit /  Minneapolis : Fortress Press, 1994.  1994 9 WELK 3 A5
WITHERINGTON, Ben, 1951-  Letters and homilies for Jewish Christians.  IVP Academic 2007 5 WITH 19
WITHERINGTON, Ben, 1951-  Letters and homilies for Hellenized Christians. Volume 2 Downers Grove, IL : IVP Academic ; Nottingham : Apollos, c2006-  2007 5 WITH 18.2
Hindu myths : a sourcebook /  Harmondsworth : Penguin Books, 1975.  1975 16B HIND 3(3)
The Rig Veda Penguin 1981 16B REGV 1
Holy Bible with Apocrypha (New Revised Standard Version) Cambridge University Press 2007 2 B-ENG 2007(1)
Holy Bible with Apocrypha (New Revised Standard Version) Cambridge University Press 2007 2 B-ENG 2007(2)