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2017, August

The Library welcomes suggestions from any member of the University of Cambridge.

The following books were purchased or received (as donation), and added at the Divinity Library, University of Cambridge, in August 2017.


Author Title ISBN Publisher Year Classmark Reading list
ACHARYA, Diwakar (ed) Early Tantric Vaisnavism: three newly-discovered works of the Pañcarātra 9788184702064 Institut Français de Pondichéry 2015 16B ACHA 1
ANSELM, Archbishop of Canterbury Basic Writings 9780872208964 Hackett 2007 10 ASAC 5
ASHTON, John (ed.) The interpretation of John (Studies in New Testament Interpretation) ; 2nd edition 9780567085467 T&T Clark 1997 5 NTJN ASH 3b(4)
BASINGER, David Religious diversity : a philosophical assessment 9780754615217 Ashgate 2002 10 BASI 1 A4
BEAMAN, Lori G. Deep equality in an era of religious diversity 9780198803485 OUP 2017 19S BEAM 1
BROWN, Daniel A new introduction to Islam (3rd edition) 9781118953464 Wiley 2017 11A BROW 2c
BUCKSER, Andrew and GLAZIER, Stephen (eds) The anthropology of religious conversion 9780742517783 Rowman & Littlefield 2003 19A BUCK 1 A4
CLOONEY, Francis X. The future of Hindu-Christian studies : a theological inquiry 9781138696167 Routledge 2017 18A CLOO 1
COOMBER, Matthew J.M. (ed) Bible and Justice: ancient texts, modern challenges 9781845535278 Routledge 2010 2 COOM 1
DRAKE, H.A.  Violence in Late Antiquity: perceptions and practices 9780754654988 Ashgate  2006 6 DRAK 2 A4
DU BOULAY, Juliet Cosmos, life, and liturgy in a Greek orthodox village 9789607120250 Denise Harvey 2009 8 BOUL 2(2) D2f
DUSCHINSKY, Robbie, SCHNALL, Simone, and WEISS, Daniel H. (eds) Purity and danger now: new perspectives 9781138693708 Routledge 2017 19A DOUM PD DUS 1
EDGAR, Swift (ed.) The Vulgate Bible : Douay-Rheims translation ; vol. 1; The Pentateuch 9780674055346 Harvard University Press  2010 2 B-ENGL 2010.1
EDWARDS, Ruth B. Discovering John: content, interpretation, reception  (second edition) 9780281069699 SPCK 2014 5 NTJN EDW 2b(2) B5
ESPOSITIO, John L. Women in Muslim family law (2nd ed.) [Contemporary Issues in the Middle East] 9780815629085 Syracuse University Press 2002 11L ESPO 1b
ESTES, Douglas and SHERIDAN, Ruth (eds) How John works: storytelling in the fourth Gospel - resources for biblical study 9780884141488 SBL Press 2016 5 NTJN EST 1 B6
EVANS, G.R. Augustine on evil  9780521397438 CUP 1990 7 AUGU EVA 1(5)
FERGUSON, Everett Baptism in the Early Church: history, theology and liturgy in the first five centuries 9780802871084 William B. Eerdmans 2013 6 FERG 2 A4
FLETCHER, Janine Monopoly on salvation? : a feminist approach to religious pluralism 9780826417237 Continuum  2005 9 FLET 3 A7
FLETCHER, Richard The barbarian conversions: from paganism to Christianity 9780520218598 University of California Press 1999 6 FLET 4 A4
GERACI, Robert M. Apocalyptic AI : visions of heaven in robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality  9780199964000 OUP 2012 21A GERA 1 A6
GETHIN, Rupert.  Foundations of Buddhism /  9780192892232 Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1998.  1998 15A GETH 1(2)
GOODACRE, Mark S.  The case against Q : studies in Markan priority and the synoptic problem 9781563383342 Trinity Press Int. 2002 5 GOOD 6(2)
GREENSHIELDS, M.R. and ROBINSON, T.A. (eds.) Orthodoxy and heresy in religious movemens : discipline an dissent 9780773491830 Edward Mellen Press 1992 19S PENT GRE 1 B6
GUYER, Paul & WOOD, Allen W. (eds.) Kant : critique of pure reason 9780521657297 CUP 1999 10 KANT RV 2(3)
HARDY, Edward Rochie ; RICHARDSON, Cyril C. (eds.) Christology of the Later Fathers 9780664241520 Westminster John Knox Press 2006 7 LIBC 3(5)
HARRISON, Carol, et al (eds) Being Christian in Late Antiquity: a festschrift for Gillian Clark 9780199656035 OUP 2014 6 CLAR HAR 1 A4
HEFNER, Robert W. Conversion to Christianity: historical and anthropological perspectives on a great transformation 9780520078369 University of California Press 1993 8 HEFN 2 A4
HILBERG, Nathan S. Religious truth and religious diversity 9781433103353 Peter Lang 2009 10 HILB 1 A4
HORBURY, William Messianism among Christians and Jews: biblical and historical studies 9780567662743 Bloomsbury 2016 5 HORB 1b
JERRYSON, Michael (ed.) Oxford handbook of contemporary Buddhism 9780199362387 OUP 2017 15A JERR 1
JOBANI, Yuval and PEREZ, Nahshon Women of the wall : navigating religion in sacred sites 9780190280444 OUP 2017 4 JOBA 1
JOHNSON, Elizabeth A. Ask the beasts: Darwin and the God of love 9781472903730 Bloomsbury 2014 9 JOHN 28(1) B4
JOHNSON, Elizabeth A. Ask the beasts: Darwin and the God of love 9781472903730 Bloomsbury 2014 9 JOHN 28(2) B4
KAHLOS, Maijastina Forbearance and compulsion: the rhetoric of religious tolerance and intolerance in Late Antiquity 9780715636985 Bloomsbury 2009 6 KAHL 2 A4
KATZNELSON, Ira & RUBIN, Miri (eds) Religious conversion: history, experience and meaning 9781472421494 Ashgate  2014 6 KATZ 2 A4
KUMAR, P. Pratap (ed.) Contemporary Hinduism 9781844656905 Acumen 2013 16A KUMA 1
LIPNER, Julius J. The face of truth : a study of meaning and metaphysics in the Vedāntic theology of Rāmānuja 9780887060397 State University of New York Press 1986 16A RAMA LIP 1(3)
LIPTON, Diana (ed) Universalism and Particularism at Sodom and Gomorrah 9781589836501 Society of Biblical Literature 2012 3 PIRS 1
MACDONALD, Nathan (ed) Priestly rule : polemic and biblical interpretation in Ezekiel 44 9783110411867 De Gruyter 2015 3 MACD 7
MACDONALD, Nathan (ed) Ritual Innovation in the Hebrew Bible and Early Judaism 9783110372731 De Grutyer 2016 4 MACD 3
MARTIN, Richard C.  Defenders of reason in Islam : Mu'tazilism from Medieval school to modern symbol  9781851681471 Oxford : Oneworld, 1997.  1997 11A MART 2(2)
MITCHELL, Stephen ; VAN NUFFELEN, Peter (eds.) One god : pagan monotheism in the Roman Empire 9780521194167 CUP 2010 6 MITC 3 B6
MUSA, Mark (trans.) Dante's Vita Nuova: a translation and an essay. New edn. 0253201624 Indiana University Press 1973 20A DANT MUS 1 Grad. Module "Gesture, Perception, Event” for ELAC and Divinity 
NEUWIRTH, Angelika & SELLS, Michael (eds)  Qur'anic Studies today 9781138181953 Routledge  2016 11C QURA NEU 3
NOFFKE, Suzanne (ed.) Catherine of Siena : an anthology (vol. 1) 9780866984546 Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies 2011 6 CSIE 3.1 Grad. Module "Gesture, Perception, Event” for ELAC and Divinity 
NOFFKE, Suzanne (ed.) Catherine of Siena : an anthology (vol. 2) 9780866984546 Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies 2011 6 CSIE 3.2 Grad. Module "Gesture, Perception, Event” for ELAC and Divinity 
PINTCHMAN, Tracy Women's lives, women's rituals in the Hindu tradition 9780195177077 OUP 2007 16G PINT 1
RAGONE, Helena Surrogate motherhood : conception in the heart  9780813319797 Westview Press 1994 19A RAGO 1 D2f
ROWLAND, Christopher Christian origins : an account of the setting and character of the most important Messianic sect of Judaism [second edition] 9780281053667 SPCK 2002 5 ROWL 1b(4)
SAUER, Eberhard The archaeology of religious hatred in the Roman and early medieval world 9780752425306 The History Press 2009 6 SAUE 1 A4
SIDDIQUI, Mona My way: a Muslim woman's Journey 9781780769349 Tauris 2014 11A SIDD 1
STROMBERG, Peter Language and self-transformation: a study of the Christian conversion narrative 9780521440776 CUP 1993 19A STROM 1 A4
THEISSEN, Gerd Social Reality and the Early Christians: Theology, Ethics, and the World of the New Testament (Trans of Studien zur Soziologie des Urchristentums).  9780800625603 Fortress Press 1992 5 THEI 5(3)
TUGWELL, Simon (ed.) The nine ways of prayer of Saint Dominic 9780950479729 Dominican Publications 1978 X12 DMCS 1 Grad. Module "Gesture, Perception, Event” for ELAC and Divinity 
TYSON, Paul De-fragmenting modernity 9781532614644 Cascade Books 2017 10 TYSO 1
VAN DAM, Raymond Remembering Constantine at the Milvian bridge 9781107096431  CUP 2011 6 DAMR 1 A4
VERTOVEC, Steven The Hindu diaspora : comparative patterns 9780415238939 Routledge 2000 16A VERT 1 A7
WEBSTER, John (ed.) The Cambridge companion to Karl Barth 9780521585606 CUP 2000 9 BTHK WEB 1(5)
WILKEN, Robert John Chrysostom and the Jews: rhetoric and reality in the late fourth century 9781592449422 Wipf & Stock 2004 7 CHJO WIL 1  A4
WILLIAMS, Rowan The tragic imagination 9780198736417 OUP 2016 9 WILR 17
YOUNG, Frances M. (Frances Margaret), 1939-  Biblical exegesis and the formation of Christian culture  9780521581530 CUP 1997 2 YOUN 3(2) B6