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2017, June

The Library welcomes suggestions from any member of the University of Cambridge.

The following books were purchased or received (as donation), and added at the Divinity Library, University of Cambridge, in June 2017.


Author Title ISBN Publisher Year Classmark Reading list
ANSELM, Saint, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1033-1109.  Anselm of Canterbury.  Vol.1, Monologion ; Proslogion ; Debate with Gaunilo ; and, Meditation on human redemption  0334000351 SCM 1974 10 ASAC 4(3)
DOUGLAS-FAIRHURST, Robert Victorian afterlives : the shaping of influence in nineteenth-century literature 9780198187271 OUP 2002 20H DOUG 1 D2b
FINN, Thomas From death to rebirth: ritual and conversion in antiquity 9780809136896 Paulist Press 1997 6 FINN 6 A4
HAHN, Johannes ; EMMEL, Stephen ; GOTTER, Ulrich (eds.) From temple to church: destruction and renewal of local cultic topography in Late Antiquity 9789004283220 Brill 2015 6 HAHN 1 A4
HARRIS, William (ed) The spread of Christianity in the first four centuries: essays in explanation 9789004147171 Brill 2005 6 HARR 10 A4
HORN, Cornelia and MARTENS, John Let the little children come to me: childhood and children in early Christianity 9780813216744 Catholic University of America Press 2009 6 HORN 2 A4
HURTADO, Larry W. Lord Jesus Christ : devotion to Jesus in the earliest Christianity 9780802860705 Eerdmans 2003 5 HURT 3(3)
IRICINSCHI, E. ; JENOOT, L. ; LEWIS DENZEY, N. ; TOWNSEND, P. (eds.) Beyond the gnostic gospels : studies building on the works by Elaine Pagels [Studien und Texte zu Antike und Christentum 82] 9783161528347 Mohr Siebeck 2013 6 IRIC 1
KENDALL, Calvin, et al (eds) Conversion to Christianity from Late Antiquity to the modern age: considering the process in Europe, Asia and the Americas 9780979755903 Center for Early Modern History 2009 6 KEND 1  A4
KILBY, Karen Karl Rahner (Fount Christian Thinkers) 9780006280262 Fount 1997 9 RAHK KIL 1(1)
KILBY, Karen Karl Rahner (Fount Christian Thinkers) 9780006280262 Fount 1997 9 RAHK KIL 1(2)
LINDHARDT, Martin Power in powerlessness : a study of pentecostal life worlds in urban Chile 9789004265691 Brill 2012 19A LIND 1
MacCORMACK, Sabine G. Art and Ceremony in Late Antiquity 9780520037793 University of California Press 1981 6 MACC 13 B6
MONG, Ambrose Accommodation and acceptance : an exploration in interfaith relations 9780227175187 James Clarke 2015 18A MONG 1
NIE, Giselle de Poetics of wonder: testimonies of the new Christian miracles in the late antique Latin world 9782503531489 Brepols 2011 6 NIEG 1 A4
ODEN, C. Thomas A Change of Heart : a personal and theological memoir 9780830840359 IVP USA 2015 8 ODEN 2
ROSUSSEAU, Philip & PAPOUTSAKIS, Manolis (eds) Transformations of Late Antiquity: essays for Peter Brown  9781138254091 Routledge 2016 6 BROW 19 A4
SANDERS, E.P & DAVIES, Margaret Studying the synoptic gospels 0334023424 SCM Press 1989 5 SAND 15(5)
SHIN, Kiseong The concept of self in Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity and its implications for interfaith relations 9781532600951 Pickwick publications 2017 18A SHIN 1  
SOUTER, Alexander Pocket Lexicon to the Greek New Testament [Classic Reprints] 9781332786541 Forgotten Books 2017 1G GREE-POC 1
TROMBLEY, Frank Hellenic Religion and Christianization c.370-529 : volume 1 9780391041219 Brill 2001 6 TROM 2b.1 A4
TROMBLEY, Frank Hellenic Religion and Christianization c.370-529 : volume 2 9780391041219 Brill 2001 6 TROM 2b.2 A4
TROMP, Marlene Altered states : sex, nation, drugs, and self-transformation in Victorian spiritualism 9780791467398 State University of New York Press 2006 19S TROM 1 D2b
TWELFTREE, Graham H.  Jesus the miracle worker : a historical & theological study  830815961 Downers Grove, Ill. : InterVarsity Press, 1999.  1999 5 TWEL 1(3)
WILSON, Stephen Leaving the fold: apostates and defectors in antiquity 9780800636753 Fortress Press 2004 6 WILS 6 A4