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Aquinas Reading Group


An informal post-graduate group offering an opportunity to read Thomas Aquinas, and think through aspects of his thought in good company. 

All are welcome!
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This academic year, we will read through the second book of the Summa Contra Gentiles, considering topics such as the relationship between God and creatures, the question of the one and the many, the nature of the intellect and the soul, and more. 


 The Summa Contra Gentiles: On Creation (Book II)
Translation by James F. Anderson
Access Online | Access in Print



 Michaelmas 2018 Term Card
5-6 pm  |  Divinity Faculty (Room 6)

Tuesday, 9th October (Chapters 1–19)

Tuesday, 23rd October (Chapters 20–29)

Monday, 5th November (Chapters 30–38)

Tuesday, 27th November (Chapters 39–45)


Austin Stevenson (
Dr. Andrew Davison (



Lent Term:
Chapters 46–57 // 58–66 // 67–74 // 75–79

Easter Term:
Chapters 80–84 // 85–90 // 91–101 


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