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Nicholas of Cusa Reading Group

Nicholas of Cusa
Recent interest in Nicholas of Cusa (1401–1464) indicates that he is a key figure whose thought offers fresh resources to rethink modernity. In this reading group, we will read and discuss some of Cusa’s most important works.
In Easter term, we will read two works where fascinating artefacts take centre stage in Cusa's mystical theology: an all-seeing icon in De Visione Dei, and a game which Cusa invented himself in De Ludo Globi. Both raise questions about the perspectivity of human knowledge, the transcendence of God and the human capacity to playfully approach God by conjecture.
Easter Term 2019

                     25 April     On the Vision of God / De Visione Dei, ch 1-13
                     9 May        On the Vision of God / De Visione Dei, ch 14-25
                     23 May      The Bowling-Game / De Ludo Globi, book I
                     6 June       The Bowling-Game / De Ludo Globi, book II


Thursday | 8pm 
No 1 St Peter’s Terrace (room 3)

Jasper Hopkins’ translation of all of Cusa's works can be accessed online. The Cusanus Portal provides the Latin sources alongside a translation here (click on "Opera").
Dr Silvianne Aspray ( & Ryan Haecker (


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