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Protestant Scholasticism Reading Group

During Michaelmas term, the Protestant Scholasticism reading group (previously the ‘Davenant Reading Group’) will meet to discuss John Prideaux’s Scholasticæ Theologiæ Syntagma Mnemonicum (Oxford, 1651). The text – which is syntactically quite simple, and enjoyable to read – introduces branches and key discussions of early modern Protestant scholastic theology. A printable PDF will be disseminated for ease of group reference (though digitized versions are available online). This term, the reading group will take the form of conversational 1.5 hour meetings spread over seven weeks.
Each weeks seminar will consist of three parts:
  1. One member will present a brief (~20 minute) analysis of a designated chapter, which will then serve as a basis for group discussion and interaction with the text directly.
  2. All other group members will provide a brief commentary (~5 min.) on one of the quæstiones that conclude each chapter. For example, one of the seven concluding questions of chapter 1, De Deo, is: 'An distinctio inter tres personas rectiùs dicatur modalis quàm realis? D.’ One group member will explain the question, tell why Prideaux answers negatively, and give some context indicating why the issue was important in early modern Protestant theological discussion. 
  3. Finally, we will talk through the text as a group, aiming to familiarize ourselves with themes, rules, modes of reasoning, strategies of exegesis, and polemical tropes necessary for a proper grasp of the authors argument. Each member should therefore arrive having read the text on their own, and noted their own theological, grammatical, or syntactical questions prior to meeting.
The group will meet on Monday afternoons at 3.30. Locations TBD.  Drinks and snacks will be providedQuestions may be directed to Sam Fornecker (



Current students and supervisors can access the Faculty’s Moodle page by clicking on the image below.