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Christian Theology specialists

People specializing in this area

Academic staff

Revd Dr Stephen Hampton
  • Early Modern Theology: the Trinity,  Christology, Justification, Grace and Free Will
Dr Stephen Plant
  • Theology and ethics
  • Theology and international development

Directors of Studies

Dr Brett Christopher Gray

Rowan Williams' Christology

Revd Dr Stephen Hampton
  • Early Modern Theology: the Trinity,  Christology, Justification, Grace and Free Will
Dr Ruth Jackson

The themes of temporality and dependence in Friedrich Schleiermacher's theological and philosophical writings

The Rev'd David Neaum

A theology of recognition

Dr Stephen Plant
  • Theology and ethics
  • Theology and international development

Retired Faculty

Professor David Ford
  • theological interpretation of the Gospel of John
  • contemporary Christian thought in the direction of hermeneutics 
    • the interpretation of scripture and substantive issues in contemporary Christian thought and practice
    • inter-faith theology and relations, particularly the issues of inter-faith scriptural interpretation and the relation of faiths to secular cultures, traditions and forces
  • the shaping of universities and of the field of theology and religious studies within them 
  • political theology
  • theology and poetry
  • ecumenical theology
  • Christian theologians and theologies
Professor Janet Soskice
  • Religious language and Naming God
  • Science and religion, especially in relation to Creation
  • Form and content in theological writing
  • The symbolics of gender
  • Christian origins and the metaphysics of scripture

Graduate students

Barnabas Aspray

Philosophical and Theological Hermeneutics.

Doctrine of Creation. 

Development of Doctrine.

Dave Bookless

Why and How Should We Conserve Wild Nature?  A Dialogue Between Biblical Theology and Current Understandings of Biodiversity Conservation

Kirsty Borthwick

Ascent and Descent in Augustine’s De TrinitatePrayer as a Way of Being in the Trinity

Christian Coppa

Shakespeare and the Body Language of Resurrection

Rev. Thomas S. Drobena

Being and Will: Human and Divine Cooperation in Justification in the Theology of Martin Luther and Maximus the Confessor

Matthew W. Fell

Creation, consciousness and language in Thomas Aquinas: How does Aquinas' understanding of these concepts relate to contemporary accounts of origins of human languages?

Alexander D. Garton

Divine Freedom and Revelation in Christ: The Doctrine of Eternity with Special Reference to the Theology of Karl Barth

Valentin Gerlier

Shakespeare and the Language of Grace

Hannah Grady

MPhil student in Christian Theology

Thomas Graff

Christ, the Unfinished Poem: Augustine and Dante on Hope

Peter Benjamin Heath

Being Parochial: A Theological Anthroplogy of Globalisation

Augustus Howard

The Role of Text and Textualism in the Modern World

E. S. Kempson

The Impact of Truth as a Divine Name for Theological Understanding

Matthew Key

MPhil student in Christian Theology

Philip Moller, SJ

Human Knowledge of God and the Philosophical Theology of Henri de Lubac SJ: A Reassessment.

Stephen Chase Pepper

A Corona of Participation: Setting Dante Among the Theologians of Common Humanity

James Pinson

MPhil student in Christian Theology

Jonathan M. Platter

Divine Simplicity and Triune Identity: A Critical Dialogue with the Theological Metaphyscis of Robert W. Jenson

Roger L. Revell

Becoming What We Are: A Theological Account of Maturing Personhood Developed in Consultation with the Early Reformed Tradition

Arabella Robinson

M.Phil. part-time student in Christian Theology

The Reverend Alexander Ross

Global Anglican Ecclesiastical Polity

Jessica Scott

Uncovering "the gifts reserved for age": A reflection on change, finitude, and time guided by Gregory of Nyssa attending to liturgy and narrative

Nicholas Spencer

Conceptions of the state in post-war Christian Theology with particular reference to the Welfare State

Austin Stevenson

The Consciousness of the Historical Jesus: A Thomistic Study

Ann Swailes

Glorying in a thorned-crowned head: human suffering, divine impassibility and the paschal ecclesiology of the Mystical Body

Joanna Tarassenko

Spiritual Resonance: The Musico-Pneumatological Shape of Christian Formation with particular reference to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Hans Urs von Balthasar

Peter Webb

MPhil student in Christian Theology