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Old Testament Senior Seminar overview

Old Testament Research Seminar

This Seminar is chaired on a termly basis by Dr Katharine DellDr James Aitken, and Dr Nathan MacDonald.

It hosts papers from both invited visitors and Cambridge scholars on the broad theme of the interpretation of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, as well as the historical and archaeological contexts, Hebrew language, reception of the Bible, and some second temple topics.

It is the main gathering for graduate students, scholars and visiting scholars in the University interested in the field of Old Testament studies.

Visitors are welcome to attend, and are invited to contact one of the chairs in advance to introduce themselves. Suggestions of possible speakers or topics may also be made to the chairs.

Related seminars are also hosted by the Cambridge Forum for Jewish Studies.




Easter Term 2019


The seminars will be held in the Faculty of Divinity

on alternate Wednesdays at 2.30 pm in the Runcie Room

followed by Tea in the Common Room upstairs. 


May 1       Seminar in honour of Professor Ronald Clements:

Prof Paul Joyce (Kings College London), ‘“On Earth as it is in Heaven?”: Towards an Understanding of the Temple of Ezekiel 40–48’

Prof Ronald Clements (Cambridge), ‘Rethinking the Prophets of Israel’

May 15      Dr Mika Pajunen (Helsinki), ‘Textual Plurality of Scripture in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Theories of Textual Transmission’

May 29       Professor Robert Miller (Catholic University of America), ‘Canaanite Epic and Hebrew Myth: Proposing a New Method of Comparative Mythology’ 


All colleagues, MPhil and PhD students in Old Testament or other areas (such as Classics, History and Philosophy), from within and outside the Faculty, are warmly welcome.  If you need further information, please contact Dr Katharine Dell,