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The Faculty of Divinity is holding a study afternoon for GCSE students on Tuesday 2nd March 2021.

The event is aimed at students in Years 10 and 11 with an interest in theology, religion, and philosophy of religion - especially those who may be considering studying these subjects at A level.

If you are in Year 9 or Year 12/13 and feel you would benefit from attending, you are welcome to join us.

The topic of the session will be Death and the Afterlife in the Bible, with a focus on Christian beliefs about existence after physical death. It will be led by Dr James Carleton Paget and Dr Nathan MacDonald.

A wonderful opportunity to enrich and extend your knowledge. 

"Absolutely amazing! An hour wasn't long enough!" (previous participant)


The event will be live, and held online from 13.30-14.30 GMT on Tuesday 2nd March 2021. Participants will enjoy two presentations and have the opportunity to ask questions.


To apply, please fill out this form by Monday 1st March 2021 6pm. We hope to invite all applicants to join us. However, if we are oversubscribed,  priority will be given to applicants currently attending UK state schools, currently attending an FE college, and those from under-represented geographical regions of the UK.

Please note that some school servers reject emails to multiple recipients, so you may prefer to provide a personal email address when registering.

Any queries should be directed to