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2019/20 Film Competition winners

2019/20 RE:View Cambridge Religion on Film Competition 

The Faculty of Divinity is very pleased to announce the winners of this year's RE:view Film Competition.

The number of entries this year was very high, and we are very grateful to all of this year's participants for the effort they put in to making the films, and to their teachers for encouraging them. The films covered a wide range of subjects and we were delighted with how many different 50 Religious Treasures of Cambridge inspired the film makers. 

As well as receiving a cash prize, the winners have been invited to the Fitzwilliam Museum for a special screening, as part of our annual 50 Religious Treasures Lecture and GCSE Study Day. 

Look out for the 2020/21 competition, which will open in the autumn.

Key Stage 5 winner

Inspiring Hindu Women by Ishika Shah (Wembley High Technology College)

With modern notions of feminism in mind, this film explores Hindu women throughout the ages who display universal values and virtues, beginning with Gargi Vachaknavi from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad - a sacred Hindu text. This film was inspired by the University of Cambridge's religious treasure, the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

Key Stage 3/4 winner

Religious Artefacts: Isis and Her Child Horus by Mohammed Ali Shubbar (Nower Hill High School)

This film explored the features of an Isis and Horus figurine and its significance to the study of religion. It also explained the links to the modern equivalent alongside a background to the God Osiris and the Goddess Isis themselves. The civilization of Ancient Egypt is an intriguing & fascinating one, from religion to music and fashion, and the film makers aimed to give an insight into Ancient Egyptians' compelling lives.

Runners up

  • Enthujan Arulvannan, Dev Raicha, Kyle Solanki & Dilan Shah, who were inspired by the Umayyad and Justinian coins
  • Zarlakhta Edris, Diya Kotecha, Muneera Mohamoud & Aishah Aslam, who were inspired by the Roman statue of Antinous 
  • Luke Weatherald, Robbie Holmes, Finlay Miller & Ben Wilson, who were inspired by the photograph of a cup-winning football team in Nigeria in 1930
  • Sia Mashru, Malaika Noor Ahmed, Sahana Jeyaseelan & Lina Ladha, who were inspired by the astrolabe