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Film competition

RE:view The Cambridge Religion on Film Competition

The 2017 Film Competition opened on 11 September and will close on Friday 15 December.

This year the theme is religious objects. We are looking for creative films that engage with an artefact, text, building, painting, sculpture etc. that may be central to religious practises or an artistic response to religion.

The competition is open to students in Years 9-13. Either in a team or your own you should produce a film lasting no more than 5 minutes.

It can take any form, such as a debate, documentary or artistic response. We are keen to allow students to interpret this in a variety of ways and so films may reflect on one religious tradition or approach it from a comparative perspective; look to answer a specific question or focus on religion through the lens of literature, history, sociology, language, politics, or science.

We expect that students will read around the subject area to inform the content of the film. Any claims should be substantiated and sources quoted in the piece should be acknowledged in a written or spoken form. We would like to remind entrants that permission must be sought to use any image, music or film that is in copyright and if granted, this must be stated at the end of the film. It is not sufficient to provide a link to online content. You can find guidance about what copyright is, what it applies to, who owns it and how long it lasts at You are also required to include a disclaimer stating that the film is your work and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Faculty of Divinity.

The judges will be looking to reward innovative films that make use of the visual medium to communicate their thoughts. They will not, however, make the award on the quality of the filming or editing. 

There is a prize fund of £500 to be awarded to the best entries. The closing date is 15th December.

How to enter

When you have finished your film, you should upload it to YouTube This is an easy way of sharing films, ensures that they are of a similar size and quality, and enables you to retain control and copyright of your film. You may find it helpful to look at the guidance available for uploading films to YouTube This includes information for converting file formats and uploading from mobile devices.

You then need to complete an entry form.

We request that a teacher signs the entry form to authorise that the film is your work/ that of your group.

Completed forms and queries should be emailed to The deadline for entries is Friday 15 December 2017.

We are very much looking forward to watching your films!


Thank you to all the teams and individuals who entered a film into the 2016 competition. This year there was no theme, we were looking instead for creative films that demonstrate why learning about religion is so interesting. For the first time we are opened up the competition to students in Years 9-13. We had many more entries this year and are delighted to be able to name the winners as:

Overall winner

Second place

Third Place

  • What does faith mean? - Billy Arthur and Tom Dando
  • IVF: the fertilisation frustration - Matthew Green, Mackenzie Mully and Andrew Palmer

Highly Commended Films

  • Religion vs the World -  Jemima Humphries and Layo Edu
  • Religious perspectives on euthanasia - Adam Koep, Ellie Cooke and Amy Upot
  • Religion and Power - Jennifer Hay
  • A creed, a faith, a religion - Nyasha Thomas and Aeronwy Withers
  • What is the meaning of life?  - Mya, Porsha, Katy and Raabiya

We are able to link to some films, where the creators have given us permission. 


The film makers have signed a declaration that states that: the film linked to above is their own work and that permission has been sought and granted for all images, music and film that is not. They have cited all sources used in making the film and any direct quotes. They have received permission from anyone who appears in the film to use their image and (where appropriate) their words for the purposes of this film. This is acknowledged at the end of the film in a written or spoken form.

Please note that the views and opinions in these films are those of the creators and do not necessarily reflect those of any member of the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge.


Thank you to all those who entered the 2015 competition and shared with us your thoughts on the senses and religion.

The winning film was made by Elaine Kim, which looked at the role of the senses in Buddhism. The film is available to view at

The winner from 2014 was Billie Coulson, with 'The Niqab in Schools', available at

Any queries should be directed to


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