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Dr Brett Christopher Gray

Dr Brett Christopher Gray

Chaplain and Director of Studies, Sidney Sussex College

Modern Theology


Office Phone: 01223 338837


American by birth, but now a permanent resident of the UK, I served for seven years as an Anglican parish priest before returning to Cambridge to read for a PhD. My ministerial education was at Ridley Hall (2002-4), and I also read for an MPhil through Selwyn College - looking at forgiveness and narrative accounts of the self, with special reference to Paul Ricoeur (passed with distinction, and awarded the Divinity Faculty's Senior Theological Studies Prize, 2004). My undergraduate education was at the London School of Theology (1992-5).

Subject area and speciality

Christian Theology specialists:

Rowan Williams' Christology

Research Interests

My doctoral work looked at the theology of Rowan Williams as a test case for the possibilities of formulating a coherent and recognisably creedal Christology under the conditions of late modernity. I have also recently written on the theology of marriage and procreation, and am currently working on the idea of a 'de-centred' Anglican ecclesiology.


Supervisor for A5 and B8.

Other Professional Activities

Papers and Presentations

  • ‘Revisiting the Body’s Grace – A Critical Re-Reading of Rowan Williams on Sexuality’, given at the Society for the Study of Theology Postgraduate Conference, University of Cambridge, 3 December, 2012.
  • ‘The False Icon – Failed Christs in Rowan Williams’ Theology’, given at the Society for the Study of Theology Annual Conference, Nottingham, 10 April, 2013. 
  • 'Silence, inarticulacy, and Christological mediation in Rowan Williams', given at the Society for the Study of Theology Annual Conference, Durham, 8 April, 2014.
  • ‘A complex unfallenness – the humanity of Jesus in the writings of Rowan Williams’, Faculty Senior Christian Theology Seminar, Lent 2015.

Other Conferences

  • Invited participant to Negotiating Religion in the Contemporary University, May 23-24, 2013, a residential workshop funded by the British Academy Small Grants Scheme for academics and administrators from the University of Cambridge and University College, London.

Professional Societies

  • Society for the Study of Theology
  • American Academy of Religion.

Key Publications

  • 'Clones, Princes, and Beautiful Parodies: Rowan Williams' Negative Literary Christology', Literature and Theology, 29.3 (2015), pp. 284-297
  • 'Reproduction and the Body's Grace' in Thinking Again About Marriage: Key Theological Questions, London: SCM, 2016.
  • Jesus in the Theology of Rowan Williams, forthcoming from T&T Clark/Bloomsbury, November 2016.

Other Publications

  • A series of four meditations on prayers from the Christian tradition, published in The Church Times, (May – June 2006).
  • Review of Alasdair MacIntyre’s, Edith Stein: A Philosophical Prologue, in Theology, Jan-Feb 2008, vol. 111, pp. 47-48. 
  • Review of Peter Vardy’s, Good and Bad Religion, in Theology, July-August 2011, vol. 114 pp. 303-304.
  • Review of Benjamin Myers’, Christ the Stranger: The Theology of Rowan Williams, in Theology, Sept-Oct 2012, vol. 115, pp. 361-2.
  • Review of Rowan Williams', The Edge of Words, forthcoming in the Anglican Theological Review

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