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Religious Studies Seminar overview

Religious Studies Seminar

This fortnightly seminar subdivides into termly seminars for specialists in Islam, Judaism, and the religious traditions of India. Speakers may have premodern or contemporary interests, and may present papers on the basis of a very wide range of intellectual interests and disciplinary traditions. 



Religious Studies Research Seminars

[Co-sponsored with the Research Seminar

 in Inter-Religious Relations]


LentTerm 2019 


Meetings will be held on Tuesdays in the Faculty of Divinity,

 Lightfoot Room, 2:30 pm

except for 29 January - Room 6


Indian Religions



29 January  Dr Maya Warrier, (University of Winchester),

‘Chains of ‘Vedic’ Memory and Religious Nostalgia in representations of Modern Ayurveda’.


5 February Dr Vincenzo Vergiani, (University of Cambridge),

‘The notion of pratibhā in Bharthari.


19 February – Mr Tushar Shah, (Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge),

‘God and Guru in nineteenth century Gujarat’.


5 March – Dr Daniela Bevilacqua, (SOAS, London),

‘Introduction to Hindu traditional ascetic sampradāyas through yoga practices: a historical and ethnographic approach’.



All colleagues, MPhil and PhD students in Religious Studies

    or other areas (such as Classics, History and Philosophy),

     from within and outside the faculty, are warmly welcome