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Please read the following carefully,  before travelling to the Divinity Library, or Cambridge especially, to avoid disappointment.

1. During term time, you may use the Divinity Library, if you are 

2. If you have a valid, blue University of Cambridge card (any status), or a valid, white University Library card showing your status as "Reg. 5.4" (this stands for “visiting scholar”) we might also be able to register you for borrowing.

3. Sadly, unlike the UL, no alumni or alumnae can borrow from the Divinity Library, and we ask you kindly to visit our Library out-of-term time for reference use only.

4. External scholars (students or staff on any level) may only use the Divinity Library for reference use, out-of-term time only.

This policy has two reasons:

  • to prioritize our resources for our core users,
  • to enable library staff to focus on our core users and the work which will be of benefit to current members of the University of Cambridge.

Please contact us about your planned visit, before making definite plans to use the Divinity Library.

If you are not recognised as an official visiting scholar/student you cannot borrow any books from us. You may only use our collections for reference only (i.e. only consulting books in the library) out-of-term time.


 If you have any questions about access, please contact us in advance of your visit.